Shiva Gift Baskets

During the shiva period, it is appropriate to send your condolence and sympathies to the mourner. When you cant do it in person, send one of our shiva gifts with your personal sentiments. Our sympathy gifts include snack and treats they will be able to munch on through the day. Shop from our selection of shiva fruit baskets for a healthy sympathy basket choice. We've got a wide variety of bereavement gifts to show your deepest sympathies.

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Show You Care With Kosher Shiva Gift Baskets

When you enter a Shiva household, you enter a world where mourning is direct, expected and scripturally based. One of the most accepted elements of the Shiva house visitation is bringing foods for the mourners and guests to share, which can lead to an overabundance of ready-to-eat meals. It’s often difficult for the members of the Shiva house to store and eat the meals in a short amount of time. A better option is a kosher Shiva gift basket from Broadway Basketeers.

Kosher Shiva Baskets for Every Family

Our kosher Shiva baskets come in a wide variety of choices, perfect for any family. Some of your choices include:

  • Affordable kosher gift baskets for Shiva. We’ve made sure that our Shiva baskets are priced competitively, and offer several price ranges. Simply order the Shiva basket that is easiest for you to absorb as part of your budget.

  • Healthier Shiva gift baskets. If you’ve ever been to a Shiva house, you know that it is typically filled with all sorts of foods — including many that are not optimal for people who want or need healthier options. Our Shiva gift baskets include nutrition-packed and low-fat varieties, including assortments of the juiciest, most delicious dried fruits you can find. There’s definitely something for every taste.

  • Bigger Shiva baskets for large families. Does the Shiva house you’re visiting include many family members? Be sure that your Shiva basket is large enough to give everyone the chance to try some chocolates, pastries, nuts, fruits and other edible nibbles.

Order Kosher Shiva Gift Baskets When You Can’t Be There

Sometimes it’s not possible for you to go to a Shiva house. In that case, it’s perfectly acceptable to send those sitting Shiva a gourmet gift basket from Broadway Basketeers.

After you place your order for your preferred Shiva gift basket, we’ll send it rapidly to your destination. Your sympathies will be felt, even if you can’t attend the seven-day Shiva gathering.

If you have questions about our kosher Shiva gift baskets, simply contact us. Our customer service team members will be happy to answer your inquiries.

Kosher Foods Mean Everyone Can Enjoy Your Gift Basket

Although not all Shiva house visitors eat only kosher foods, many do. Each of our gift baskets, including our Shiva baskets, contains foods that have been certified kosher. All of the ingredients and products have been grown, harvested, processed and packaged to conform to strict kosher standards.

Feel good about sending a Broadway Basketeers kosher gourmet gift basket for Shiva. Make certain that everyone who mourns with the family sitting Shiva can enjoy something from your thoughtfully purchased basket.