Condolence Cookie Gift Tray

Condolence Cookie Gift Tray

$32.95 ⁄ $29.95
Item No: S-RCT-TRY

Ice Kit Required!

This item contains chocolate and requires special packaging. Fee: $4.99
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When you're looking to send a condolence gift but don't know what to send, a freshly baked cookie gift is always going to be appreciated. These large assorted cookies are baked fresh then flash frozen to ensure that when they arrive they will be soft and chewy. Your recipient is guaranteed to enjoy every bite!

Customer Reviews

Got this to try to lighten the mood a little after my dad died. It put a smile on my mom's face for at least a couple minutes (she's a huge cookie lover), so at least that's something.

Nice variety for the price, thanks

This was a nice variety tray of cookies to send when I could't make it to a co-worker's funeral.

I was happy with how fresh the cookies tasted and that the rest of my family liked the tray too. Nicely done!

A nice tray of cookies to send to family when you can't make it there yourself.

My family appreciated the variety in this cookie tray - since we can never agree on what cookie is the best!

These cookies were really tasty and fresh. You've got a return buyer now!

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