Aug 29, 2014

Order a Gift Basket for the Office

Jessica Gold


Ordering a gift basket for your office staff is a great way to spread holiday cheer.


Sure, many offices throw a holiday party. Although it is a fun event it comes and goes. Having a gift basket in the office means anyone who passes by can help themselves to a handful of holiday cheer in the form of chocolate, dried fruit or other tasty snacks. Buying a kosher gift basket for you staff is a fun, cost effective way to thank them for working so hard this year.


Some people prefer to bring in a cake. The problem is that after a day or two that cake is not going to be very appetizing anymore. Gourmet gift baskets are meant to last so you can your staff can graze on the contents for days. If you want pastries you can pack your gift basket with chocolate cookies, fruit tarts or other sumptuous baked goods.


If there is another company you work closely with, make sure to send them a gift basket as well. Don’t take your business relationships for granted! A simple gesture, like having a gift basket delivered, will show the whole team you are thankful for the work you do together. Business is a collaborative venture.