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7 Occasions to Give a Corporate Gift


While you don’t need a reason to be in the giving mood, gifts can build bridges and strengthen business relationships in the corporate world. You can strategically use corporate gift baskets or other business gift ideas in a constant effort to “surprise and delight” clients, coworkers, employees, and other corporate acquaintances. Let’s dive into the top occasions or reasons to give a corporate gift.

1. Welcome Gift

If you’re onboarding a client for the first time, the best way to stand apart is to come bearing gifts. In fact, a corporate gift like a gift basket can be the perfect opener. You can set the tone positively for the working relationship with something as simple as a small gift basket of sweets.

2. Client’s Anniversary

Show your client how much you value them and demonstrate why you’re unique by celebrating their anniversary with the company. An unexpected appreciation gift like the recognition that you’ve been working together for one year (or more!) will certainly surprise and delight them.

3. Promotion

Let your employee know about their promotion in style with a gift basket to top off the occasion. Whether you choose a gift basket or other thoughtful gift, something to go with the promotion statement is a great way to make their day. Enhance the experience and show them that you appreciate the work they’ve done up until now to deserve the promotion with a corporate gift to really sweeten the deal.

4. Retirement

A retirement in the company is a cause for celebration. After working tirelessly for years, sometimes even decades, they deserve to know you appreciate them. Top off their retirement party with a lavish retirement gift basket from Broadway Basketeers, a gorgeous watch, or something else luxurious. Delivered straight to their door or the office on their last day, it will always look good to go the extra mile and show you care.

5. Retaining a Client

Maybe it’s time to meet with a regular client to try to retain them once more. Maybe you want to obtain regular clients in the first place and you’re trying to gather tools to retain them. A corporate gift goes a lot further in their mind than you might think – not everyone is giving them personalized gift baskets to show you mean long-term business.

You can provide a gift basket during the meeting, or, better even, you can have it delivered to them the same day. This makes them think about you at least twice in one day, only reinforcing the chances of you retaining them as a regular client.

6. Celebrating Employees

Hosting a short celebration for an employee of the month or other employee appreciation routine will never be the same when you add in a corporate gift. In fact, if the gift is good enough, employees will up their productivity to try to become the next employee of the month, so they can also benefit from corporate gifting.

7. Thank You

Always remember to say thank you – and what better way to say thanks than with a gift? This can be for any situation, whether it’s with a client, employee, or fellow coworker. Did they do something incredibly helpful or worthy of giving thanks? Give them a pleasant surprise with a small gourment gift basket, handwritten note, or other thoughtful gift addressed specifically to them.


Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to give a business gift basket or other thoughtful gifts to a fellow employee – and doing it just because is a great way to keep you on their mind in the corporate world. Strengthen and build your brand, reinforce why you are number one, and show appreciation even in the little things to take you to the next level in a corporate environment. 

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