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Budding Lime Assorted Sweets and Snacks Gift Tower - $27.95

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Ice Kit Required!

This item contains chocolate and requires special packaging. Fee: $3.99
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Assorted Sweets and Snacks Gift Tower

Sometimes a card or one small gift doesn’t cut it. You want to show your love in a big way and leave an impression. For those times when you need to make a splash, consider sending our Budding Lime Assorted Sweets and Snacks Gift Tower. This fun group of boxes contains snacks, both sweet and savory, to please every palate.

This gift tower is a gifting delight whatever the season and whatever the reason. This 6 box gift tower will impress your friends, family, or colleagues with your warm wishes. Open up the gift boxes to find a luscious spread of sweets, chocolate covered Oreo cookies, gourmet popcorn, and other refreshingly exciting treats! This gift tower is hand tied with a bow for that perfect presentation.

Show Your Love With a Gift From the Heart

Everyone loves to get food, but sending our gift tower is about much more than feeding friends and family. It’s a way of showing how much you care.

Anyone can send a card, but taking the time to order a gift tower makes a real statement. It conveys a deep love and appreciation. If you can’t be with the person on a special occasion, then delivering this token of your adoration may be the next-best thing to being there. Show your thoughtfulness with this kind gesture.

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Customer Reviews



October 30-2016

This was a gift to a friend of mine but she was quite delighted with it.



June 5-2016

I got this Broadway Basket Gift Tower for my mom for Mother's Day and she love it. It is a great gift for anyone I would order again.


Susan L

May 14-2016




April 30-2016

I sent it to some relatives. They said it was tasty and fresh, but much smaller than I expected. They sent me a photo and it looked smaller on their counter. However they were very pleased and that's what counts.



February 13-2016

Superb! It was delivered one day early!



February 9-2016

Wonderful HAPPY Surprise! This was more than we expected!!! Recipients loved the gift.


Broadway Customer

February 9-2016

Wonderful HAPPY Surprise! This was more than we expected!!! Recipients loved the gift.


Denise Bliss

February 1-2016

Birthday gift for my brother. He loved it. Was very impressed with the gift wrapping. He is a licorice fan and thought that was the best part. Fantastic idea, especially with Prime, when you forget a birthday. Big hit!


Sandra K. Overton

December 26-2015

The person we gave it to loved it. It was really impressive looking.



September 8-2015

I ordered this for my parents a part of their 25 Anniversary gift, and they loved it! My mom was definitely pleased! I am not sure how much sharing she did with my dad though lol Thanks for a great product!



September 2-2015

this was a gift that was well accepted.



May 12-2015

My mom enjoyed this product


Valerie P. Greene

May 2-2015

A gift for out of state family member for Vaentine's Day! They said they liked it! And it came on time which made me happy! Good price too!


Broadway Customer

March 19-2015

Great job!



March 18-2015

I sent this to my daughter and she says she loved it.


Broadway Customer

February 26-2015

Gave this has a present for the Hallmark Holiday and my friend loved it. Her family was able to share it and it was just the right size. Not too small or too big.


Sally Parker

February 25-2015

Had this shipped to my grandmother for her birthday, so i didn't get to try or see it myself. She seemed to really like both the presentation and the treats inside (not just saying so to be nice).


Melissa Z

February 24-2015

This is a go-to item for me. All those I have sent it to love it. Great product for the cost.


Gloria Korany

January 1-2015

My Aunt loved her gift!!!


Debi Ferrell

December 17-2014

Expected tower to be a bit bigger but otherwise very pleased with this item. Recipient was very happy to receive it. Beautiful boxes no damage still stacked and tied with green bow.



December 10-2014

Sent as a gift. Never saw it but the recipient was happy.



August 31-2014

So very tiny, but my daughter was thrilled by it and the snacks were fresh.



August 28-2014

Gave as gift to daughter. What tower of gifts. She loved it!!


Nancy B.

July 10-2014

I usually don't send items like this without ordering myself and trying it out first. But I was in a crunch and went with the reviews. I sent it as a gift, and the recipients are halfway through it. They love it so far. Reasonable pricing and it arrived when they said it would. I will order again from this seller.


L. Maloney

June 23-2014

I bought this tower of goodies for my sisters birthday and it was perfect. A little taste of everything and the boxes are great to reuse over and over again with other little trinkets.



May 16-2014

This product is a nice gift my mother was happy and she looked like she was having fun opening all the different boxes



May 9-2014

My daughter loved how beautifully this was wrapped. The snacks were even better she said. I gave it 4 stars because she said there was no card included. I think the seller should make note of this... i recall a few others saying, no card was included so the receiver had no idea who sent it.



March 26-2014

The presentation was really nice and I sent this as a birthday gift. I wish there were less snacks and more candy but still nice. Nothing was broken or damaged when I received it which was great. It was a decent size and the snacks did look pretty good. I may buy this again only because it does get a bit spendy for a college kid but it is a nice gift anyways.


Caoimhe Dru'Ann Gallagher TOP 1000 REVIEWER

February 10-2014

Delivered timely (but I do have Prime), and looked great. It got here earlier than my mother's birthday, so I let her open it early since I knew it was food. She LOVES it. The more adult flavors really work compared to a bunch of candy. I suggest it. The boxes are lightly glued together so that they don't fall apart/over. So that was nice as well.


Patti F.

July 6-2013

The basket was a gift to my brother and sister-in-law. They were delighted with it but claimed there was no card included, even though I filled out the information for a card to be in the package. As a result, they did not know who it was from. That means we had no idea if they even received it. This sister-in-law is old school and always writes thank you notes for gifts, so I finally had to ask her if she received it. However, I do realize it is possible she did not find a card or did not look hard enough.


Tom M. Berger

May 2-2013

We sent 4 of these to family for Easter. Everyone including the 8 grandkids and my 87 year old mother loved how unusual and pretty they were. They arrived on time and the treats inside were wonderful.

This Product is heat sensitive and will have additional charges.