Sep 08, 2016

Why You Should Celebrate Grandparents Day


Smiling faces and spoiled rotten kids mean one thing – it’s time to celebrate Grandparents Day! The folks who once told you no on a regular basis and punished you for coming home late from curfew are now the doting, benevolent faces your own kids adore. What better way to celebrate everything they do for you than by remembering Grandparents Day?

They Watch Your Kids for Free

If you’re lucky enough to live near grandma and grandpa, chances are you’ve taken advantage of one of the biggest perks of all: free babysitting! From nights out to weekends away to watching the kids after they get home from school, your parents are there when you need them. Although they do it because they love you and your kids very much, let’s face it – they have other things they could be doing. Celebrate your good fortune and the closeness of your family with Grandparents Day, and give them the thanks they deserve.

They Have the Best Advice

Nobody knows better than your parents how tough parenting can be. From managing the bills to worrying about grades to instilling the values you grew up with, grandma and grandpa were there first. Even when or if your parents pry, they mean well – and they do it because they love you. Where is the first place you go when you need experienced advice and guidance? Grandma and grandpa, of course. Show them how much you appreciate it on Grandparents Day.

They Listen to Your Complaints and Worries

Life isn’t always a picnic – or if it is a picnic, sometimes ants and bees swarm and spoil your meal. The ability to accept and tolerate discomfort is just one of the skills parents need to develop. When you don’t need advice but you still need to vent your frustrations, chances are your mom and dad are there to listen. Who else has an endless capacity to pay attention to your complaints and worries, and share in the joy of your success? Only grandparents.

They Adore Your Kids

Most importantly, your grandparents adore your kids. They cherish them. They make your kids’ favorite meals, unreservedly think of their needs and slip them money when you’re not looking. If you’re lucky, your kids appreciate everything grandma and grandpa do – and they return the favor by loving them back in spades. So when Grandparents Day comes this year, take a moment to remember their contributions with a gift basket from Broadway Basketeers – and thank your lucky stars.

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