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Why We Gift Red Roses on Valentine’s Day


Roses, beautiful and fragrant, are a traditional gift on Valentine’s Day. But why is that? What makes them the ultimate expression of our feelings for our significant other on February 14th, such a special day of the year?

Red roses are extremely popular Valentine’s Day gifts. The reason is, because the rose is perceived as the uncontested ultimate flower of love.  The color and variant convey deep emotions, including that of desire, longing, appreciation, and love.  Red roses are also used to express feelings of respect, devotion, and admiration.

The number of roses that is gifted, along with the color, also portrays a definite meaning. “I love you” and “be mine” are most often conveyed by presenting your sweetheart, or person you long for to be your sweetheart, with a dozen roses.

Symbolism of the Rose

In many cultures, and throughout the ages, red roses have been a prevailing symbol of passion. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated the rose with their goddesses of love, Venus, and of course, Aphrodite.  Also sacred to a number of goddesses of Egypt, the rose was revered by their goddesses, especially Isis.

Flowers have symbolized love, marriage, romance and fertility for centuries. During the Victorian era, there was a popular practice, known as floriography, involving the use of flowers to send secretive messages. Lovers and admirers would send flowers to express secret messages that Victorian etiquette deemed inappropriate and unacceptable to share openly. The meaning of each individual flower was often taken from various legends, fables or myths. The meaning would also be created, when needed, to suit the specific occasion.

It’s common knowledge that red roses are a declaration of love and romance, as their original meaning has remained unchanged for centuries, and still holding true today. To this day, red roses remain the most popular and iconic flower given as a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day, as a way to express admiration, appreciation, love, and desire.

A Message of Endless Love

The meaning of red roses is quite clear. The red rose is not a gift given to just anyone. Red roses are reserved to give to someone who we love or want to pursue. There is a deeper meaning attached to the giving of roses to a loved one. A bright red rose symbolizes romance, deep red roses convey deep emotions, and burgundy is thought to represent unrequited love desiring mutuality. The giving of a red rosebud symbolizes young love, virtue, purity and natural beauty.

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Send the ultimate expression of love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day with those romantic red roses, and an amorous gift basket, tower or tray from Broadway Basketeers! Perfect together!

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