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Valentines Ideas for Couples


February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day, is the most romantic day of the year! It’s a day to share with your partner just how much they mean to you. It’s the day to show your ultimate appreciation and love for them. You’ve already purchased the flowers for her, or found the perfect amorous gift for him. But, when and where will you be presenting your partner with their tokens of your affection? What is your plan for an incredible Valentine’s Day together?

You want this Valentine’s Day to be extra special and extra memorable, so what should you do to surprise your partner? Dinner and a movie? Perhaps a romantic evening or weekend away? Below are a few suggestions to surprise your partner with for a day you will both always remember and treasure!

Take a Long, Romantic Walk

There is almost nothing more romantic than taking a long, peaceful walk, side by side holding hands with your partner. The smell of the fresh, cool air, the sounds of nature, and a heart-felt conversation with him or her makes any long, romantic walk complete! It’s the kind of walk you will never want to end!

Camp Out Indoors

Embrace your youth together, and set up a camp out indoors! Pull out some cozy blankets, pillows, make some hotdogs, hamburgers, or some indoor chocolate and marshmallow smores! Light some candles, sit around a makeshift campfire and share some scary stories, or joyous memories, and perhaps a glass of wine or champagne compliment the moment with a special touch of romance!

Play some Old School Video Games

Grab the chips, popcorn, cheese-doodles and soda (or wine…we are adults now after all) and have an old school one on one competition! Play some Pac Man, Tetris, Super Mario Brothers or the old school games of both of your choosing! A video game night in can be an exciting, fun-filled and romantic evening of loving competition just for two!

Take a Road Trip

This Valentine’s Day, why not hop in the car together, and take a ride anywhere you’ve wanted to go. Whether it’s to that restaurant your friend mentioned with the fabulous food that’s 30 miles away, or that scenic route you’ve always wanted to take with your partner, head out for a romantic evening on the road, holding hands side by side enjoying the views, and each other’s company of course!

Binge Watch your Favorite Series Together

Do you and your loved one have a favorite genre or series you enjoy watching together? Maybe you love horror movies, or documentaries. Or, there’s always that drama series, or comedian with a selection of stand-up performances on Netflix you and your loved one can choose from. So, take out the wine, make some popcorn, light those candles, and share a cozy night under a warm, comfy blanket binge watching your favorites!

Cook Valentine’s Day Dinner Together

Do you or your loved one enjoy cooking? Have you created fabulous meals for one another before? Why not cook a romantic meal together this Valentine’s Day! From steak to fish, and salad to pasta, the possibilities are endless! Take out the fancy dishes, and the bubbly, and set the stage for a candle lit dinner for two. 

Plan a Weekend Away

Whether you and your partner prefer the mountains and skiing, the beach and swimming, or just some quiet time alone together, go on a romantic weekend trip away for two! This one will take a little planning ahead. So, get a head start, plan your itinerary, and get ready to create those special moments! Valentine’s Day deals are sure to be everywhere, and available to compliment your plan for a weekend you and your partner will always remember.

Another idea is to share a romantic, delectable treat with your loved one, with a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket from Broadway Basketeers! Our amorous selection of Valentine’s Day gift baskets, towers, trays, and Wine Gifts are the perfect touch to an exciting evening out, or a quiet evening in! All of our gift baskets are assured to be delivered on time, at the place of your choosing. Satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed! Together, enjoy a variety of baked gourmet treats, dried fruits, nuts and other sweet delicacies, paired perfectly with a classic bottle of wine from Broadway Basketeers!

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