Jan 30, 2017

Throwing the Perfect Super Bowl Party

Broadway Basketeers

The perfect Super Bowl party is as much about the surroundings, the food and the people as the game itself. If you want to outdo yourself this year, be ready to totally transform your home into celebration central.

Pick Themes Based on Teams

Every football team has its colors, and you can adopt them to change the ambiance of your living room, den or family room. You don’t have to go beyond getting balloons, streamers, and tablecloths — unless you want to kick it up.

In that case, feel free to buy new throw pillows, revamp your curtains/draperies and even dress your pooch in a team logo bandana.

Make Utensils, Plates, and Servers Part of the Fun

Who wants boring when you can have fun? Many party stores sell Super Bowl themed utensils, plates, serving dishes, cups, mugs and more. Don’t forget the napkins, of course.

You can also turn food into serviceable plates and bowls. Taco salad in a crunchy tortilla shell, anyone? How about homemade chili in a mouthwatering sourdough bread bowl? Use your imagination, and your guests will appreciate it.

You Want a Game? Have Some in Your Home

Sure, the game is on TV, but why not offer some games for those times when the commercials get dull or the halftime show isn’t cutting it? Great kids-of-all-ages games include Jenga, karaoke, and Twister — especially funny when adults are involved.

You can also add some alcohol-inspired games — think back to college — if it’s an all-adults event. Just never let your guests drive if they’ve imbibed. It’s too risky.

Serve Tried-and-True Foods, But Mix It Up

Every Super Bowl party seems to feature pizza, wings and potato chips. It’s what most guests have come to expect. Instead of disappointing them, why not make homemade pizzas with novelty toppings and wings that come from your own kitchen? Hot sauce is optional, of course.

For those watching their calories and fat intake or who have dietary restrictions, you can easily whip up some scrumptious soups, salads, sandwiches — even gluten free — and dips. A brightly-colored veggie tray offering tons of choices is ideal for idle munching, and it keeps the mood cheerful.

Provide a Plethora of Snacks

Snacks need to be available for those times when the game’s too exciting to leave the sofa, but hunger is knocking on the door. Since you might not know exactly what types of snacks your guests prefer, offer them an assortment. Nut trays, dried fruits, salty snacks, crackers, cheeses and cured meats are simple to place on the coffee table.

Don’t be surprised if they disappear in a flash, so be sure to keep backup trays and dishes of munchies on hand!

Beverages and Sweet Endings

No matter what the final score may be, every Super Bowl party attendee deserves a variety of beverages and something sweet to end the night. Drinks can include water, soda, and adult beverages. You may also want to whip up a delicious fruit punch.

For sweets, go for tried-and-true: chocolates, mini cheesecakes, fudge, cookies, and cupcakes. Want to make sure you have some desserts left after everyone says goodbye? Keep some stashed in your pantry or refrigerator so you can indulge during the after-party cleanup.

What are you waiting for? The Super Bowl will be here before you know it, and you owe it to your friends and family members to make sure it’s memorable.