Dec 09, 2016

The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Broadway Basketeers

Eeek! It’s almost Christmas, and you forgot a few gifts. Take a deep breath. There’s no reason to panic. Time may be ticking away, but now that you’ve remembered, you have a chance to get some perfect last-minute presents. 

Below are some last-minute Christmas gifts that are just the right shape, size and color — every time. They also can fit into just about any budget, even if you’ve already spent the majority of your anticipated gift money.

#1: Gift Cards

What a lifesaver gift cards can be! Today, you can find them at just about any type of store, including grocery, pharmacies, restaurants and big box retailers. In literally a few minutes, you can buy as many gift cards as you need. Some places, usually chain eateries, even give you specialty discounts if you purchase a certain number of their cards, which is a wonderful holiday incentive.

#2: Gift baskets

Allow your present to be delivered with a smile: Send a gift basket, tray, box or tower! This is something that everyone can enjoy, especially if the ingredients are 100% certified kosher. Plus, it’s a one-size-fits-all solution. This is perfect for anyone of any age, too. Don’t forget that kids love getting their own supply of goodies!

#3: Money

Okay, there’s nothing wrong with giving money as a last-minute Christmas gift, but consider presenting it in a unique way. For instance, you could always get a pre-paid credit card, which is like a gift card, but can be used wherever the credit card type is accepted. On the other hand, you could go to the bank and get your money in $2 bills, which always causes a lot of chatter. Many people have never seen a $2 bill in person, so it’s a fun way to show you’ve thought about the presentation of your holiday gift.

#4: Homemade treats

What happens if you literally are at the end of your budget but have several gifts you absolutely need to get? It’s time to reach deep inside and bring out your inner baker or chef. Fortunately, holiday times are also the times when ingredients for treats like cookies, cakes, pies and soups are deeply on sale. Roll up your sleeves and put together homemade items that will knock their socks off!

#5: Adult beverages

Obviously, this is only suitable for the grown-ups on your last-minute Christmas gift list. Bottles of wine, micro-brewed ales and liquor are usually acceptable in most households. One caveat: Be careful when giving this kind of present during corporate events. Some corporations frown on handing out adult beverages.

What are you doing still reading this post? You have last-minute gifts to buy! Get out there and finish your list so you can relax!