Mar 17, 2017

Reasons to Have a Food Bar at Your Next Party

Broadway Basketeers

You say you’re planning a party? Whether it’s a little fiesta of friends or a blowout bash, we have a suggestion: Offer a food bar.

Why a food bar instead of a sit-down meal or random potluck adventure?

·         You can design the food bar theme. It’s fun to think of all the items that belong on your food bar based on your party theme. For instance, if you’re celebrating someone’s promotion, you could base the foods on that individual’s personal preferences. You can even name the offerings: “Big Boss Salad,” “Head Honcho Tacos,” etc.

·        Your guests can pick and choose. Many people say they aren’t picky eaters, but they definitely have preferences. Give partygoers the opportunity to make their own selections and provide them with as many choices as you can. You’ll end up throwing out fewer leftovers.

·         It’s friendlier on your budget. Paying for entrees can get expensive, whereas a food bar allows you to stretch your budget by buying only the items you actually want. You have to do a little more work upfront with shopping and menu planning, but it’s easier on everyone at the end of the day.

·         Everyone likes food bars. We’re all kids at heart, and we love being surprised. “Oh! What’s this?” guests frequently exclaim when they see unexpected food bar treats like mini vegetarian egg rolls and gluten-free savory breads with garlic avocado spread.

·         Food bars are good for guests of all ages. Planning a party menu for a celebration that includes the younger set can be challenging. If you’re going to have kids at your upcoming party, consider having a special “children’s food bar” with items they’re sure to eat. Of course, don’t be surprised if some of the adults sneak the homemade chicken nuggets and mini hot dogs from the kids’ food bar area!

·         Nutrition doesn’t have to be sacrificed. Want to be certain you have nutritious items at your party? A food bar is a sneaky way to include healthier items like fresh and dried fruits, lightly salted nuts and veggies without making a big deal about it. Your guests with dietary restrictions will appreciate your thoughtfulness. And guests won’t have to break their caloric limitations.

Be kind to yourself as the party host and start working on your food bar list today. You can always pare it down in the end. And if you need help, you can always assign certain foods to some of your guests. That way, you’ll maintain control of the overall party experience while still offering visitors exactly what they’ll love.