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Our 7 Favorite Christmas Eve Drinks


The holidays are here again, and it’s time to enjoy that merry holiday cheer! So, what better way is there to be merry on Christmas Eve than with a festive holiday drink? You may be enjoying your drink at an elaborate family gathering, or with an elite group of friends. Or perhaps this Christmas Eve this year is specially planned for just you and your partner. However, no matter how you may choose to celebrate, whether your taste is for vodka, rum, bourbon or wine, you’ll be sure to enjoy one or more of our 7 favorite choices of Christmas Eve drinks below. 

Classic Christmas Eggnog

When thinking of the holiday season, Eggnog is always first to come to mind for a seasonal Christmas drink. Whether it be a virgin eggnog, or the kind with liquor, it makes for a jolly holiday drink. In fact, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it! Eggnog is almost always available pre-made at the local grocery store. However, if you want more of a traditional or old- fashioned taste, you may choose to create your own tasty and smooth bourbon and rum enhanced version of this delicious classic holiday drink! 

*Try this recipe

Christmas Eve Hot Chocolate 

This Hot Chocolate for grown- ups (sorry kids) is the perfect after dinner drink at your holiday celebration. If you usually partake in coffee with dessert, you’ll find this mix of coffee, chocolate and liquor to be very appealing. Whether you prefer your drink heavy, light, or somewhere in-between, you can create this drink to taste. Plus, of course, on this decadent drink, don’t forget to add the marshmallows or whipped cream on top!

*Try this recipe

Kir Royale

Add a touch of class to your holidays with this elegant Christmas Eve drink. It’s quite a simple drink to create, requiring a mix of only 2 ingredients. You’ll only need a combination of sweet crème de Cassis, and dry sparkling wine, and this fancy holiday drink is ready to serve. If you feel like giving an extra fancy touch, add a lemon twist!

*Try this recipe


Coquito is a traditional Christmas drink originating from Puerto Rico. This classic spiced drink is a combination of sweetened condensed milk with cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, with rum and crème of coconut. You and your guests are sure to enjoy a holly jolly Christmas Eve with a recipe for this delightful drink from the islands!

*Try this recipe

Candy Cane Mimosa

Who doesn’t look forward to candy canes during the Christmas holidays? Their minty sweetness serves as much more than a candy from Santa treat for the kiddies. Candy canes make an enticing adult holiday beverage accent! This Christmas Eve drink is simply made with sparkling wine, chilled white crème de menthe, chocolate bitters and of course chocolate and candy cane garnish. The Candy Cane Mimosa says holiday spirit from the first sip, to the last bite of candy cane!

Skinny Mojito

These days, everyone seems to be on diet. From Weight Watchers to Keto, dieting can be especially difficult during the holidays. The Skinny Mojito is a diet friendly drink you and your guests can enjoy guilt free. The festive green color, accented with a mint leaves garnish hold onto the holiday spirit in this mildly sweet and sour, attractive light drink.  

*Try this recipe

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine is a warm and cozy drink you can easily create on your stove top. When making Mulled Wine, it not only becomes a tasty and comforting drink to serve, this warm spiced wine gives your home that traditional scent of holiday simmered sweet and cinnamon spicy comfort. Starting with a fruity red wine of your preference, and garnished with fresh cinnamon sticks, it’s a warm drink everyone will enjoy on a cheerful and cool Christmas Eve night.

*Try this recipe

At Broadway Basketeers, we have a variety Christmas Gift Baskets filled with baked gourmet holiday goodness that will compliment your Christmas Eve drink of choice! We also have a selection of delightful Wine Gift Baskets especially fitting for the holiday season. Spread some cheer this joyous Christmas season, and enjoy your Christmas Eve drink of choice with a delicious baked gourmet treat from Broadway Basketeers!

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