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Healthy Christmas Desserts


The holiday season is upon us, bringing merry wishes, holiday cheer, and one of the most anticipated traditions of the holiday season. It’s not only the festive lights and decorations, candy canes, and presents we look forward to. One of the most anticipated traditions of the season is the Christmas baking! The cookies, cakes, brownies and pies, and all of the sweet and delicious desserts seem just that much more irresistible this time of year! However, with the extra holiday indulgence, comes the extra holiday indulgence calories.

Even with all of the holiday parties, events, and celebrations, you don’t necessarily have to give up on your diet, just yet! There are delicious alternatives to traditional holiday desserts. You’ll be sacrificing the extra calories, but none of the sweetness you were so craving in a dessert to begin with! Below are 8 healthy alternatives to traditionally made Christmas holiday desserts. 

1.    Low Fat Cheesecake – Cheesecake is the perfect dessert on any occasion, especially during the Christmas holidays. Made with a variation in ingredients, such as fat free cream cheese and low-fat graham crackers, this lighter version of this holiday dessert is sure to enhance the holiday spirit! Add strawberries, pineapple, or your fruit of choice for the perfect touch of healthy! 

2.    Crunchy Peanut Butter Thins – These light peanut-buttery treats are sure to be a delicious substitute for their sugary peanut butter cookie counter-part. Made with peanut butter, egg white and rolled oats, it’s a healthy and light alternative with less calories but plenty of sweet delicious flavor!

3.    Banana Crème Pie - Who can resist the sweet taste and creamy texture of this delicious homemade pie? With sliced bananas, vanilla extract, graham crackers, and other mouthwatering ingredients, it truly is a festive treat. Healthy and delicious, this dessert is the perfect addition to your Christmas menu!

4.    Blueberry Coffee Cake – This holiday dessert combines 2 delicious desserts into one, blueberries and coffee cake! Chopped walnuts, ground cinnamon and plain nonfat yogurt are just a few of the ingredients combined in this cheerful Christmas treat! It’s sure to be celebrated by all!

5.    Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes – This festive red and white mini delight will compliment your holiday décor, and your dessert menu. Boasting ingredients such as low-fat buttermilk, and reduced fat cream cheese, they make for a healthier bite sized treat. Appealing to the eyes, tastebuds, and daily calorie count, these mini cupcakes are a jolly way to celebrate the Christmas holiday. 

6.    Rustic Apple Pie with Dried Cherries – Nothing says Merry Christmas like a homemade apple pie. This rustic version is the perfect, simple to make Christmas dessert, quite literally with cherries on top! Fresh apples, low-fat buttermilk, and ground cinnamon are just some of the ingredients that make this light and healthy holiday treat so delicious. 

7.    Frozen Pumpkin Mousse - Once the Autumn weather sets in, many begin to crave those traditional pumpkin flavored treats! This smooth dessert embodies just the right amount of pumpkin flavor, with ginger snap cookies, frozen yogurt, pumpkin puree, and several other tasty ingredients. Festive and sweet, this Christmas dessert will put a healthy spin on a new tradition! 

8.    Oatmeal-Flax Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate chip cookies are a well-known holiday tradition for many. No need to sacrifice cookie treats this Christmas, these delightful treats are made with ground cinnamon, quick cooking oats, flax-seed, and other ingredients, including of course, mini chocolate chips! With this healthier version of an old tradition, Santa will be thanking you, along with your diet. 

Trying to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends can become quite a holiday task! However, gift baskets are a great choice and offer many options, for even the most difficult to shop for. Whether someone is just trying eat healthier, or if they are actually on a diet, there are many alternatives to traditional, sugary (yet still so delicious) holiday treats!

At Broadway Basketeers, we offer delightful, and healthy alternatives in our Christmas Gift Baskets, such as popcorn, which is known to be a healthy treat. We also have Vegan Gifts, beautifully presented, and filled with various fruits and nuts. If you’re looking for sugar free food gifts, we have those too!  With so many attractive and festive baskets to choose from at Broadway Basketeers, you will be sure to find the perfect Christmas gift full of healthy holiday cheer!

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