Sep 16, 2016

Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Broadway Basketeers

Birthdays, holidays and other celebrations are often the happiest of occasions, but the stress of selecting a thoughtful gift that’s also affordable can turn a fun event into a stressful one. The good news is that finding a gift for the person who has everything – even if you need a kosher gift – is much simpler when you think creatively.

Everybody Loves Food

What does everyone have in common? They’ve got to eat. That’s why food makes a terrific gift. A gift basket packed with delicious snacks, pastries and treats satisfies the tummy and the soul. After all, who doesn’t love freshly baked rugelach, or an assortment of nuts and snacks to share with guests?

Broadway Basketeers creates expertly curated gift baskets and gift towers that feature something for everyone. For example, you can give the Gourmet Gift Tower of Sweets to the holiday host and lighten the hospitality load. Send a photo gift box filled with treats to a loved one, along with heartfelt photos of moments you shared. Looking to spread good will to your clients or co-workers? Send a gift tray or gift tower that includes flavored popcorns, gourmet nuts, specialty chocolates and the richest baked goods. Not only will you forego giving a gift that just winds up as clutter, you’ll also put a smile on the face of your very favorite people.

Just the One Perfect Thing

Are you in charge of helping a friend or family member plan a celebration? Instead of a gift basket, order a gourmet pastry or baked goods. It’s the perfect time to bring a cheesecake to your favorite cheesecake connoisseur, or sumptuously sweet brownies or cookies to those who can’t pass up sweets. The key to success? Don’t just choose any dessert from your local supermarket – go for the gold and opt for a dessert from a gourmet bakery instead. Take a bite and you’ll taste the difference together.

Your Time Means the Most

Cakes, baked goods and gift baskets are special gifts that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, but what matters most to your friends, loved ones and colleagues is knowing that you care for them. Being able to deliver your gift in person makes it easy to see how it touches the recipient. But, when you can’t be there, sending a gift from Broadway Basketeers shows how much you care for your family or friends even from afar. 

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