Apr 24, 2017

ConGRADulations! 5 Graduation Party Ideas

Broadway Basketeers

What’s the most exciting part of having your son or daughter graduate? Throwing a memorable, one-of-a-kind bash, of course! To celebrate this significant milestone, whether from college, high school, graduate school — or even kindergarten— you have plenty of graduation party choices. Check out these five to stimulate your planning.

1. Make the Party a School Theme

Graduation parties are opportunities to look back on those golden school years, so why not create a party that has all the school themes you can think of? Beyond simply buying “Class of…” merchandise such as wall hangings and napkins, go a little overboard by making the soiree super-unique.

Consider having a photo booth area in the corner of the room with props related to graduation. These could include placards that say “Most Likely to Succeed,” “Top of the Class,” etc. Be sure to include some graduation caps and other attire.

2. Think of the Graduate Every Step of the Way

Want your graduate to feel totally surrounded by all things them at the party? Focus entirely on the graduate’s likes.

For instance, if your graduate is into a particular TV show, sports team or book series, design the party to fit those preferences. This ensures the celebration will have a certain tone, and you can have tons of fun picking the right decorations, foods and more.

3. Consider Topical Graduation Parties for College Grads

Let’s say your kid just graduated from college with a degree in chemistry or science. This is a fantastic excuse for turning the whole graduation party into a chemical-related event.

Instead of offering water bottles, be sure they are H2O bottles. And that basket filled with fruit? Use the correct Latin names for a scientific touch.

4. Hold the Party Somewhere Exotic

Offsite weddings are popular nowadays, so why not try your hand at organizing a “destination graduation?” Though this might limit the number of guests who are able to attend, depending upon the area you choose, it’s going to be a forever-remembered experience.

Certainly, warm, sunny climates lend themselves to destination celebrations, but don’t get locked into the idea. A destination graduation in the coolness of the beautiful mountains or a woodsy glade could be exactly the right fit.

5. When in Doubt, Lean on Dr. Seuss

Okay, so you’re fresh out of ideas because this is your fourth graduation party you’ve planned thanks to your large family. No problem! Head to the bookshelves and pull out anything by Theodore Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss.

From “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” to “Green Eggs and Ham,” you’re sure to find some inspirational quotes. Use them as springboards to catapult your imagination. It’s fine to use a favorite children’s author as a guide, especially one as beloved as the master. Don’t forget to channel his ability to invent new words and phrases. When you place your baskets of goodies on the table, add captions for foods that don’t exist but should. Deli sandwiches? Sounds too ordinary. Maybe try snackable, stackable, heaping hoagies instead.

The key is to have a great time planning, and an even greater time celebrating your family’s next graduation party.