Jan 30, 2017

5 Baskets for Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution

Broadway Basketeers

Oh, dear. You’ve done it again. You made a New Year’s Resolution to be healthy, and you’re already starting to waffle — in fact, you ate waffles this morning. Not a good way to start the day’s diet. 

You’re not alone, of course. Plenty of people don’t stick to their resolutions. But even if you’ve fallen short of your first month’s goals, you don’t have to pitch the whole idea of getting healthier. In fact, even if you’re a snack-a-holic, you can minimize the effects on your waistline, cardio program and scale.

Today, we’re going to share ideas for five delicious, nutritious snack baskets that will help you keep your New Year’s Resolution past January 31. 

Get a Little Nutty

You probably already know that nuts are good for you, but why stick with peanuts and cashews when there are so many choices? Indulge in exotic, tasty nuts instead, like pistachios, Brazil nuts, filberts and walnuts. 

Because nuts are high in calories and fat, you have to take it slowly. One way to stop fast eating is to only snack on nuts when you can concentrate on their flavors. Avoid eating them quickly at a party, in the car or while working. You can also buy spiced and seasoned nut mixes that intensify the flavor for a twist.

Think Tropical Fruits

Why stick with a regular fruit basket when you can have one brimming with tasty tropical fruits? Many tropical fruits are quite familiar to Americans, such as bananas and pineapples. Others, like papayas, mangoes and pomegranates are mainstream but not always eaten on a day-to-day basis. Still more are highly unusual and give you the chance to taste something different — think dragon fruit, star fruit, kumquats, passion fruit, persimmons.

Not sure you’re ready to prepare all these fruits? Get dried varieties that are ready to taste. Drink them with lots of water to get the fiber-filling benefits.

Grab Seeds, Lean Meats and Cheese

Are protein and other beneficial nutrients a little lacking in your meals? Your snacking basket can change all that. Pumpkin seeds and other seeds can be terrific snacks. Pair them with lean meats, like turkey and chicken. Later, enjoy some cheese in moderation for some healthy snacking. 

By adding a few different items to your snack time, you’ll be less likely to get bored and reach for something higher in fat and lower in benefits.

Have Some Jerky

Looking for a clever healthy basket? Fill it up for yourself — or for a loved one trying to stay healthier this year —with all different kinds of jerky. You can buy regular beef jerky, turkey jerky, venison jerky, bison jerky, elk jerky and more. 

Remember that jerky comes in flavors, too, like chipotle, barbeque and teriyaki, to name a few.

Deliver a Bouquet

Of course, perhaps the healthiest basket of all contains fresh posies! Roses, daisies, daffodils and live plants are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face without adding so much as a calorie to your daily dietary intake. Plus, they’re pleasant reminders of good-for-you activities like gardening, walking around the neighborhood and strolling through the park.

You can definitely make those New Year’s Resolutions stick this time. Get a little creative, and trust your snacking to wiser options.