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Sugar-Free Goodies & Food Gifts

Many people are trying to cut down on their sugar intake. For them, a gift basket filled with candy and sweets may not be appropriate — unless you order one that only contains sugar-free items.

Broadway Basketeers is sensitive to those with dietary restrictions, which is why we have a line of food gifts for diabetics and others who require sugar-free snacks. All of our sugar-free options offer robust flavors, so there’s no sacrificing taste because of wellness concerns or allergies.

Order your sugar-free treats and feel good knowing you’re giving a delicious treat your loved one can eat.

Healthier Food Gift Options

Those seeking healthier gift basket options will love gift baskets filled with sugar-free items. Feel free to pair your sugar-free treats with other nutritious choices, such as a tray of mixed dried fruits or roasted nuts. Together, they make a wonderful arrangement that showcases how delectable sugar-free can be!

And don’t forget that fresh flowers are just as delightful and have zero sugar and calories!

Certified Kosher and Sugar-Free

It can be challenging to find products that are both sugar-free and 100 percent certified kosher. All Broadway Basketeers products are kosher, including our delectable sugarless edibles. It’s a dream come true for those who follow kosher food guidelines but who may be diabetic or watching their sugars.

Find Sugar-Free Gifts for Every Budget

One of the sweetest things about our sugar-free gifts is the way they fit into any budget. You can be sure that no matter what you want to spend, you’ll find the right product at the right price. Browse through our line of sugar-free selections today and place your order online. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!