Sep 29, 2016

8 Perfect Gift Basket Occasions

Broadway Basketeers

Let’s face it: Cash is king, but it doesn’t always make an ideal gift. Not only is giving cash a little crass, sliding money in a card also smacks of convenience, ease and thoughtlessness. Although nobody is going to kick crisp bills out of bed for eating crackers, it is much nicer when a gift-giver puts sincere thought into a gift. 

Gift baskets are a fun and thoughtful alternative to cash, and they’re perfect for a wide range of occasions. Here are our top eight picks for gift basket occasions.


Everybody is ready to party with sweet treats on a birthday! Send a birthday gift basket, cake or pastry to your celebrating loved one and give a gift that won’t go to waste. Try a specialty cheesecake, or choose a platter of sweet treats and salty snacks for guests to enjoy.

Thank You

When a simple thank you note isn’t enough to express your gratitude, send a gift basket. A thank you gift basket is the perfect way to express appreciation for your neighbor who just watched your dogs and collected your mail. Send a gift basket to a helpful teacher over the holidays. Send a treat to customers whose loyalty you count on. It’s the special extras like these that really show your gratitude and appreciation for the work of others.

Get Well and Sympathy

When a friend or loved one is sick or has passed, show their family members you care with a get well gift basket. Chances are they’ll receive countless callers who express their sympathies. It’s also a good bet they won’t want to prep appetizers or desserts for everyone who stops by. A sympathy gift basket can brighten their mood and provide snacks for visiting guests.


Retirement. The birth of a baby. Promotion. Buying a new home. Important milestones deserve recognition, and a gift basket is the perfect way to express your joy. 

Thinking of You

When someone you care about is going through a rough time, a gift basket filled with his or her favorite treats is a great way to show you’re thinking of them. It’s also a terrific way to tell someone you miss him or her, and can’t wait to meet again. You don’t need any reason at all to send this gift basket, but the one who receives it will remember it fondly.


Graduating from high school, college or graduate school is a major milestone – and although cash is a common gift, why not supplement the check you plan to write with an affordable something extra? It’s a great way to show your social savvy while also expressing your thoughtfulness. Besides, who doesn’t like celebrating with chocolate? 


Whether your loved ones have been married for one year or 50, remember their happy occasion with a gift basket of tasty treats. You can even give your own special someone a gift basket for your anniversary. Either way, a gift basket is the perfect combination of treats to share to celebrate love and happiness.

Explore Broadway Basketeers and find the gift basket that’s perfect for celebrating your next occasion.


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