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Gift Tower Deluxe

Gift Tower Deluxe

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Gift Tower Deluxe

Want to make a big statement? Then you need to send a big gift. Our 'Gift Tower Deluxe' leaves no room for doubt about your feelings. It’s stacked high with beautiful boxes displaying an array of sophisticated patterns. Each box houses a delectable treat your recipient will savor. They can even reuse the boxes on other special occasions or display them in their home.

This 7-box, sweet & salty snacks gift tower comes with a vast assortment of chocolates and goodies. Perfect as a holiday gift, corporate gift, birthday gift, or just because. Gift Includes honey mustard pretzels, butter toffee peanuts, deluxe caramel popcorn, soft vanilla caramels, and so much more!

Celebrate With a Gourmet Present That Conveys Your Affection

Buying a gift for someone can say more than words ever do. It’s a way to show, in tangible form, how much you care for your loved one.

You can rest assured your sweet & salty snacks gift tower will arrive on the day you designate or we will refund your money. Combine that with our satisfaction guarantee, which states we’ll reship the gift or refund your money if your recipient is not delighted, and you get a can’t-lose deal on our lovely tower.

As with ALL our products, this comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

All of our products come with a hassle-free 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you or your recipient are not 100% satisfied, we will replace the order or offer a full refund.

Customer Reviews

They loved it! The colors were perfect for the baby shower too, everything was amazing

Delicious combination of treats. Almost want to get one for myself next time

Wow, I'm so impressed!

This was fantastic, super happy about all of it.

I was really happy with this gift tower of snacks high qualtiy and beautiful packaging. Nicely done.

I really loved the different flavors that were included with this. Very nice tower.

Gorgeous tower of really high quality snacks this was delicious!

I have sent this twice as a gift and gotten rave reviews from the recipient both times. I will re-order this again and again.

Great gift plus the boxes can be used to gift in the future... thank you!

Lovef the boxes and the quality contents

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