Sugar Free Creamy Cheesecake

Sugar Free Creamy Cheesecake

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Item No: 00198-0264

Ice Kit Required!

This item contains chocolate and requires special packaging. Fee: FREE
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This smooth creamy cheesecake has no sugar added and has no flour. What remains is a light luscious dessert for you to enjoy without the guilt. Serves: 14


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Customer Reviews

another excellent tasting cheese cake.

What's not to love about cheesecake?

Very good cheesecake. Arrived quickly I would recommend this product and Seller

This was a gift for my son who must watch his sugar intake. He loved this cheesecake and so did I. The taste was divine and it stayed fresh tasting for several days. I will probably order another one.

OK after years of lurching from carbs to no carbs and back again we now know that Sugar Is The Devil. Now that we know that we can still smile at desert time because of Broadway Basketeers who have brought us this amazing sugar free cheesecake. There's also no graham cracker crust -- just the good stuff. And believe me this is good stuff.

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