Gourmet Shalach Manos Purim Gift Basket

Gourmet Shalach Manos Purim Gift Basket

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A Purim gift basket with a refreshing gourmet alternative. Filled with a selection of Italian pasta, Manzanilla imported olives, Focaccini crackers seasoned in tomato & oregano toppings, elegant truffles, hamentash, sweets and more. A most popular & enjoyable gift to receive.

Purim Mishloach Manos Includes:

  • Pardes Rum Filled Chocolate Truffles (4pc)
  • Fruit Filled Hamantash (1pc)
  • Tahini Bar - Pistachio(1pc)
  • Tuscanini Fusilli Tricolori Pasta (16oz)
  • Focaccine Tomato & Oregano Crackers (5.29oz)
  • Manzanilla Gourmet Olives (3oz)
  • Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar (1pc)
  • Sea Salt Baked Pita Chips (1oz)
  • Rice Cake Thins (4.6oz)
  • Healthy Oats Cookie Crisps (4oz)

Certified Kosher ~ Under the Hashgacha of the OK

Contains Dairy ~ Cholov Yisroel products

Gift Basket Dimensions ~ 12" x 7" x 8" high

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