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Gourmet Nut Assortment Gift Tray - $34.95

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Treat that nut lover in your life to a gift that says 'gourmet' in a nutshell. This nut sampler is filled with the nuts you know and love. Tantalize your taste buds with cinnamon toasted peanuts, fancy nut mix, perfectly salted cashews, sweet & savory snack mix, in-shell roasted pistachios and smokehouse flavored almonds. Certified Kosher

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Customer Reviews


Mom of 3

July 21-2017

I sent this basket to my aunt on her birthday and she loved it. What a great, different gift - everyone else just got her flowers!



July 2-2017

I selected this as a gift for my dad for his birthday. He really enjoyed it. I heard about these baskets online.



March 22-2017

The gift arrived on time and was simply beautiful. Definitely worth the money and my mother in law said it was a wonderful, unique birthday gift which was So much better than getting flowers.



November 15-2016

The nuts were amazing!



November 15-2016

Great variety! Company loved them!!



November 10-2016

I never saw this item because it was a gift for an out of town family member but she said she loved it.


Tanya Spencer

November 1-2016

Sent this to my uncle as a surprise gift. He said he quite enjoyed it, that the quality of the nuts was better than his usual bulk purchases.



October 25-2016

I sent this as a get well gift and the recipient said it really raised her spirits.


Marilyn Wilkerson

October 25-2016

I actually ordered this Nut assortment for myself. My daughter had ordered one for my birthday this year, and I loved it. It has a good assortment of salty nuts and non-salty, which is helpful to me. I'm sure that I will order it again!!!!!



July 27-2016

I bought this for my dad for Father's Day. He loved it, and he said it was a good size!



July 1-2016

The Fresh Nuts Gift Basket Assortment of absolutely perfect as a gift for a nut lover! We got this set for my father for Father's Day. I will just say he loved it so much I did not even get to take a picture of it before he tore into them and took the bow off. It arrives in a clear plastic round tray system as pictured, with the nuts all separated. There is a paper included with all the nutrition information for each nut. Walnuts: These were unsalted, plain, and fresh. Mine seemed to have a roasted smokey flavor to it, but not like a smoke added, more like just the type if nut it was. It was a very pleasant flavor. Pecans: These happen to be my personal favorite for baking with. These were also unsalted, plain, and fresh with a hint of a roasted smokiness to them. Cashews: These are my father's favorite so I had to struggle to get one to taste test!. These are lightly salted and have a wonderful freshness crunch to them. None of ours were soft, and all of them were delicious. Peanuts: Crispy and salty. These had a tiny hint of sweetness to them, Not at all like a coated nut, but the nut meat itself just had a nice mellow sweet taste that followed the savory salty taste. Pistachios: These are my all time favorite. This set is salted and the best part is every single nut was openable. I really dislike it when I buy pistachios and cant open some of them because they are sealed. Almonds: These are little crunch bites of smokey salty goodness. They were delicious in every way. The flavors tended to layer through your mouth as the first thing that hits is the salt, then the smokey, then the hearty almond flavor kicks in. I would happily give and or receive this set for any occasion. Perfect to share or hoard =) you decide! We all really enjoyed them so I am rating this as a 5 star rating! This product was provided at a discounted rate in exchange for a fair, honest, and unbiased review.


Kimmi Lynn

June 30-2016

This assortment of nuts is fantastic! I love the selection and the fact that there are so many different kinds for my family to choose from! This is such a healthy snack and a great source of protein. Lately we have been trying to incorporate more healthy food and snack choices in our daily diets and everyone loves nuts. I really like the size and the fact that each section on this arrangement is a different type of nut and is so delicious. These nuts are perfect to have for a snack or put out for a picnic or party! I am definitely going to be recommending this gift basket to my friends and family to try as well. I love that this is so nicely gift wrapped and has a nice bow on it for gift giving. I received this fresh nuts gift basket at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.


Linda Jackson

June 22-2016

I love that there are 6 different types of nuts in this assortment pack. All of the nuts are well displayed and would make a great gift in the tray that it comes in. The different nuts that are in the package are peanuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, peanuts and pistachios. The peanuts are a great mix of sweet and salty and tasted really good. The Pistachios are salted but some of the pistachios that I ate had a little bite to them so there might be a different spice in there. The almonds are a smoky flavor are taste wonderful, the almond have a wonderful crunch to them. The walnuts don



June 19-2016

My father-in-law is the type of guy that appreciates food gifts. He is a really simple guy so I wanted to send him something for Father's Day that he would actually use. This deluxe nuts that was just the thing that he would want. Here's the more detailed rundown of the features of the set. Appearance. This comes in a tray with an assortment of not; from almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, pecans and peanuts in an assortment of seasonings from salty to sweet. Each section of the tray has A generous helping of each type of nut. Flavor. Each of the nuts were well seasoned and had a wonderful flavor without any rancid it's. The nuts were fresh and had a great crunch Price point. At 29.99 this is fair and competitively priced. Nuts are not cheap so I'd except to pay this at any retailer. Overall this is a great gift set of nuts that anyone would be happy to receive. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Geeked Out Reviews

June 17-2016

Fantastic gift. This came quickly and all of them are very tasty. Note: These are not all salted. Only the Peanuts, Almond(smoked actually), and Pistachios. The Walnuts, Cashews, and Pecans are not. That honestly doesn't bother me. It comes in a nice presentable wrapping. The lid keeps it fresh. It snaps on every time. I never ordered food on Broadway. I assumed it wouldn't be all that great, but honestly these tasted fresh and just as if I purchased them from the store. I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. If you found this review helpful, please let Broadway know by clicking the button below. If you have any questions about this item that maybe I could help with please comment below. Thanks for reading.


Melvin H. Fleetwood Jr.

January 6-2016

Great price and fast delivery.



December 22-2015

Delicious, good variety. The snapping lid is a great bonus - we did not eat all the nuts at an office party, and I easily replaced the lid and set them out again the next day. Perfect item to bring to such a party (no heating or refrigeration required).



October 9-2015

Second time I ordered and the quality was excellent both times! I definitely will order again.


Carolyn Hughes

October 8-2015

I love it! Perfect present for my nutty hubby!


monique sint jago

September 14-2015

yummie, delicious !


Robin in Tennessee

September 9-2015

Good variety of nuts and great price! More product than most nut trays.



August 12-2015

My dad loves getting this nut platter for Father's day. Great Gift to get if you ran out of ideas.


Vintage by M

June 20-2015

Why wouldn't all the nuts be salted



June 17-2015

Loved it!! Very delicious, beyond pleased.



June 3-2015



CV Seattle

May 20-2015

The nuts arrived on time and were received very well. The recipient was impressed by the quantity, quality and look of the product.



March 3-2015

The recipient appreciated it.


Russell Brinkley

March 2-2015

This is the perfect gift for any nut lover! Very fresh nuts, great variety and in a handy tray. Will be ordering again!


G. A.

December 8-2014

This made a great hospitality gift. Good delivery time.



November 14-2014

I sent these as a gift to my fiance for his birthday and they were super fresh! I loved the packaging and how everything was nicely sorted and covered with tight plastic to keep from shifting. Great price and delivery speeds compared to trying to use 1-800 Flowers or some other online gourmet food delivery service. Was very impressed by the quality and plan on buying again.

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