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Fancy Gourmet Nut Gift Tray

Fancy Gourmet Nut Gift Tray

Item No: FGN-TRY

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Product detail

  • French Roasted Peanuts (5.5oz)
  • Roasted & Salted Cashews (5oz)
  • Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds (6oz)
  • Gourmet Mijou Toffee Peanuts (5oz)


  • Kosher ~ OK Dairy
  • Gift Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 1.5


Fancy Gourmet Nut Gift Tray

Combining sweet with savory makes for a memorable treat! That’s what you get with our Fancy Gourmet Nut Gift Tray, a unique way to show someone you love how much you care about them. When you need actions to speak louder than words, our nut tray shows you were thinking of your recipient and actually made the effort to order a gift.

The gift tray makes an ideal present for graduations, anniversaries and birthdays. It even works as a way to send condolences for funerals when the bereaved must offer a supply of food to people coming to pay respects.

It’s an absolutely delicious way to share any and all sentiments! This natural wood tray is loaded with tasty treats and delightful snacks.

Please the Sophisticated Palate With a Fancy Gourmet Nut Gift Tray

Cashews, mijou toffee peanuts and French-roasted peanuts are a gourmet’s delight. When you send our nut gift tray, you cater to your loved one whose tastes are on the adventurous side. Broadway Basketeers has the largest selection of food gifts under $30, and we’re proud to count this nut tray among them. Order one for your loved one today.

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