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Towering Heights Thinking of You Gift Tower

Towering Heights Thinking of You Gift Tower - $42.95

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Towering Heights Thinking of You Gift Tower

The special people in your life deserve to know how much they mean to you. If words just aren’t enough to convey those deep feelings, a gift can help show your devotion. When you send a present for no reason at all except to say “I love you,” your recipient knows you took time out of your busy day to think of them. That helps them understand what a special role they play in your life. You can convey all those feelings with our Towering Heights Thinking of You Gift Tower.

This Gourmet Gift Tower opens up to reveal a collection of six gift boxes. 

Get Your Loved One the Gift of High-Quality Snacking Today

Broadway Basketeers has been supplying our customers with the best in gourmet gift baskets for two decades. We understand the value of a beautifully packaged present with carefully chosen snacks. It can bring light to someone’s day and reflect your own good taste. We even offer free shipping on many of our baskets, such as the Towering Heights Thinking of You Gift Tower.

Order one for that special person now!

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Customer Reviews



February 27-2017

The tower was GREAT! I ordered them for my friend who lost a loved one. They loved them and thanked me!!


Stacey Johnson

Order # 51202

November 4-2016

Thank you so much for a great product and excellent service. I ordered this gift tower from Australia for my Husbands 40th Birthday he spent in Ohio. it arrived on exactly the right day and certainly put a smile on his face. Thanks very much Broadway Basketeers.



October 4-2016

This makes a beautiful and showy gift. It is tall and has a good appearance. The items inside are of good quality. I bought this as a mother-in-law gift and she was thrilled.



September 25-2016

My sister was sent to a hospital for burns a state away from me, and I was not able to visit her. I started to send her flowers, but when I looked at the cost, I figured it would be money better spent on something she could enjoy. So after seeing that flower companies' chocolate prices were astronomical, I came to search on Broadway. White some of the gift packages are still expensive, this one was a good midrange and less than I would have paid for some flowers. She loved them and they got there within the two days, straight to her room, so I was pleased with this purchase.


William Allen

August 24-2016

I assume the product was okay.It was sent as a gift, and I received no negative feedback from the recipient.


michael middleton

August 23-2016

they loved it!!



August 11-2016

This was a bereavement gift and did exactly as hoped, brought a smile to my dear friends face in a time of pain.



August 6-2016

Great product, my parrnts enjoyed it.


michael middleton

August 3-2016



Judith K. Slater

July 29-2016

This was a convenient way to send a care package to a teenage friend who was off in music camp for a month. He sent thanks and said he shared with his roommates but did not say anything about the quality or presentation--- but he's a teen boy so any free food is probably fine!


Czr Cdo

July 26-2016

Great product/service.


Betty Muhammad

July 22-2016

Excellent product and service.


Mark Peterson

July 20-2016

Absolutely great gift, my ad cannot stop talking about it.



June 30-2016

Just as expected !!


Ruth Bealer

June 30-2016

The basket was actually a gift but the people receiving it said it was outstanding . They also loved the packaging and will use it for a decoration.


Broadway Customer

June 21-2016

My family loved the package and everything it came with. This is a great appreciation, thank you, get well gift. Was shipped in a timely manner, but would have wanted it a little quicker.


Anastasha Lynn

June 2-2016

My uncle loved this gift. Hard to please senior make went crazy over this gift.


Francisco Checkcinco

May 14-2016

This gift was more than I expected. I got it as a graduation gift.



April 27-2016

Gave to brother as gift and he enjoyed all very good!


John Smythe

April 27-2016

Arrived on time and was packaged as shown. Great gift.


Broadway Customer

April 23-2016



Playa Tortuga Cozumel

April 14-2016

This was the perfect appreciation gift! I heard it was quite tasty!


Broadway Customer

April 13-2016

Loved it!


Shoe Lover

April 10-2016

Great tasting, great presentation and delivered on time. Would order again!



April 6-2016

Excellent value for money, beautiful packaging and the family I sent it too really enjoyed it! Thank you


Rachel S.

March 31-2016

Great gift... The kids loved having multiple boxes of goodies to open. Great presentation. And also tasted great.



March 20-2016

Great gift, recipient loved it!


Jenn Chase

March 19-2016

I bought this for my husband. He devoured it in days. He has requested I buy it again as a gift.



March 8-2016

Loved it, bought it for my daughter for valentine's day and she went crazy


Don Vito

March 8-2016

Who could resist the temptation?



March 5-2016

My parents totall loved it.



February 15-2016

I dont understand why some people give this bad reviews. I got this from my boyfriend (we have a long distance relationship) and I was really surprised. The boxes are pretty and each of them has something different inside. Most of the things are yummy (obviously nothing out of the ordinary but good). I didnt know this would be 40$, I honestly thought it would cost more. For people saying that it would be better to do it youserlf I mean SURE? but this is already made, its easier lol and worth.


Jonathan Moroz

February 14-2016



Dr. J

February 1-2016

We sent this to grandma at Christmas and she was thrilled. It's Feb. 1 and she's still working her way through the treats. Highly recommend


Lisa Clark

January 28-2016

This was bought for my daughter's teacher and she raved about how great everything was ! Thank you!!


Broadway Customer

January 28-2016

Well, I never saw it since I sent to a relative out of state as a gift. All I know is I was on the other end of the phone when they opened and there were SQUEALS of delight. And apparently there was quite a large bunch of it too as I could here them dividing it up and sharing and deciding on what to eat first second and third and what to save for later and what to hide from kids. :)


Broadway Customer

January 21-2016

best candy ever for real.the peanut butter cups were good.never had any that tasted like these.would buy again.


Shree L. Beardslee

January 19-2016

My family were very happy with this.


Keith Simanton

January 13-2016

My parents loved it and called me to tell me so!


daniel alarcon

January 11-2016

It's great


Broadway Customer

January 5-2016

A big hit with the college-aged grandkids for the holidays. Fun food is always good for those hard-to-please family members.


Broadway Customer

December 30-2015

This was a huge hit for my daughter and family (young kids). The presentation is really impressive, and the goodies are very good! If you want to give a gift that makes a big impression, this is it!



December 28-2015

I was really impressed with everything that came in this gift set.


deseree tabor

December 27-2015

my family loved it, they said it was very tastly



December 27-2015

I sent the basket as a gift. My niece loved everything inside the basket. she commented on how nicely it was wrapped and it was like finding treasure hidden amongst the basket.



December 26-2015

I loved it! A different item on each tier was gladly shared by family and friends during games on Christmas night. The bag it was received in was awesome! I loved the bright blue velvet like Santa-toy-sack :) by Myka


Donna L Toman

December 25-2015

Very please! Loved it!


Pamela A, Kaylor

December 20-2015

Bought this for a gift. It was well received and delivered.


Broadway Customer

December 18-2015

It is small but very beautiful


John Baker

December 17-2015

According To The Receiver Of This Gift, They Loved It....


Broadway Customer

December 16-2015

Every thing iin the tower was excellent.. Enjoyed all the treats


Bryan M. Waugh

December 16-2015

Bought for Mother's Day and my mom was very surprised. Big tower of chocolates and candies, tastefully presented. Lasted a week in a five-person household with everyone sampling. The one star reviews from years ago were heard by the company and they've added more candies. In all, it's a great gift box (tower) if you're in a pinch (mine was $15 on lightning deal) and need something thoughtful for a friend or family member.


Dave and Jay Raber

December 5-2015

Mom loves this gift basket! Everything she coul? possibly want :)



December 2-2015

The gift recipient loved the gift and the presentation is gorgeous. Only one issue: A five word gift card gets cutoff; the recipient had no idea who it was from.


Carrie Lynne

November 29-2015

Absolutely Perfect - I sent this as a gift to my folks and they were extremely pleased. Amazing purchase :) Will order again!



November 28-2015

This was delivered very quickly and was a big hit!


Broadway Customer

November 9-2015

I sent this as a gift and it was well received. Was told it looked nice when arrived and everything tasted good.



November 3-2015

Not sure



October 24-2015

Very nice gift tower for the price..arrived on time in perfect condition. Looking foward to sending more of these for holiday gifts this season..nice selection of goodies to please the loved ones on youre list.....


melissa hudspeth

October 21-2015

Very small. Products taste stale. Skip this. You know candy is bad when a 9 year old turns it down... All the products seemed stale and outdated. Will not order from Broadway Basketeers again. UPDATE: 1/2016 Broadway Basketeers contacted me in January 2016 to ask if they could send a replacement basket. They did, and everything was MUCH better. The difference was huge. Nothing was stale this time and everything was fresh and not expired. That was the big difference. The first basket seemed to be outdated. Everything tasted stale and the textures were off-putting.


Hisako Jones

September 29-2015

Boxes was good



September 28-2015

This was a gift. They said it was delicious


Candy Walter

September 27-2015

It's beautiful! I am sure my son-in-law will LOVE it!


Rich B.

September 3-2015

This is a great assortment of delicious treats, a gift perfect for that person dearest to you.


J. Semder

September 2-2015

Great stack of goodies. Sent this to my in-laws for Christmas and they loved it.


Kristie E. Hazel

August 31-2015

Great product! Arrived on time



August 8-2015

this was an epic Lighting Deal


Lisa Bowers

August 7-2015

It was a gift


Papia Roy

August 7-2015

It was a gift and the recipients were thrilled with it. Good quality product.


Kimberly Henson

August 6-2015

Great gift, packing is nice & treats are tasty



August 3-2015

The peanut butter cups are amazing. Nothing like the ones you can get at the store. Everything was very good. The chocolate chip cookies were an unexpected surprise. I would buy this again next year and send it to friends and family for Easter.



July 17-2015

perfect father's day gift - my dad loved it


Vicky H.

July 16-2015

It was a lovely gift. Thanks.


Keith Marshall

July 15-2015

Sent to a dear friend, she said it was gone in a day! LOL she loved it!


Cathy, La Mesa, CA

July 5-2015

The person who received it loved it.



June 24-2015

This turned out to be the best gift ever for my co-worker. Everything was delicious and well packaged. Wonderful product!


one proud aunt

June 13-2015

worth every penny i had no kidding this was really a great deal got it for a relative she loved it


Cecilia Baquerizo

June 12-2015

excellent gift


Donald Wilson

June 8-2015

my wife loved it



June 4-2015

The construction of these beautiful gift boxes sealed the deal for me. Each of the treats is sealed within one of the gift boxes and the ingredient list is on the packaging. This was not expected and allowed the recipient to be comfortable that a food allergy wouldn't become problematic. As the treats were eaten, the beautiful boxes can nestle within each other very nicely. The recipient intends to create her own treats and deliver them in the beautiful boxes. This gift was the hit of the party!



May 29-2015

Received as expected



May 19-2015

Taste so good and the boxes are adorable! This is a great gift idea!


Katherine S.

May 13-2015

Sent this as a Mother's Day gift. Felt like I received a lot more value than a standard gift basket or fruit arrangement.


Brenda Tilley

May 6-2015

I sent this to my Mother for Mother's Day. She's one of those women who has everything. She was thrilled with this! Loved it Loved it Loved it



May 5-2015

After reading the reviews, I was hesitant to purchase this for my Dad's wife for Mother's Day. However, since it was less than $20 on a lightning deal, I decided to take a chance. Both my Dad and his wife spoke highly of it, and said it was huge. Well, perhaps by their standards, since there are just the two of them and they are in their eighties. Well worth the delight they had at the price I paid, and for one or two people, this is a very nice basket.



May 5-2015

The girlfriend loved this coming out of Valentine's Day... And I loved her reaction <3 ^_^ Wasn't sure if this was too much, but now I know I made the right decision and sent this bundle to her. Pretty good purchase.


Eileen Faherty

May 4-2015

Delighted, very delicious and presentation was perfect.


Julie Anne Cantu Comes

April 29-2015

Great gift item for chocolate lover.



April 27-2015

Yummy !!


Michael Brown

April 13-2015

Very good quality chocolates and snacks... Would have been five starts but the initial wrapping was difficult to open and the packing contents felt like sandpaper.


Meagan Amelia Rivera

April 9-2015

Not as big as I thought it was going to be but my boyfriend loved it! I feel as if it had more in it than I anticipated! !



March 25-2015

Absolutely delicious! I bought this for Valentine's Day and everything is so tasty. I loved the variety of treats in each box.



March 15-2015



Tyrone Dorsey

March 13-2015

my sister loved it



March 10-2015

she liked it


Sue A.

March 6-2015

Delivered quickly and the person I bought it for loved it.


Evan Padden

February 21-2015

xmas present to my parents they liked it good transaction



February 17-2015

this was a gift and my inlaws just loved it. Very Impressive boxing.



February 16-2015

I got this for my wife for valentine's day. she loved it this was the easiest valentine day shopping ive ever done. and the shipping was a day ahead of time. the candies were high quality too.


Lisa Gregory

January 20-2015

I bought this for a relative across the country and she was very pleased with it. She liked that it came with such a variety and that the items were all sealed so she didn't have to eat all of it at once.



January 20-2015



Brian D. Schiavo

January 18-2015

great product and timely delivery!


Shaun K

January 17-2015

Everything was absolutely delicious. What I didn't eat my husband did.


Anthony Sciolino

January 16-2015




January 12-2015

nice product.


marvin solomon

January 7-2015

People I sent it to were very pleased.


A Eiguren Fernandez

January 6-2015

It was a present but my friend has enjoyed it.


Douglas Friedel

January 5-2015

she loved it!



December 31-2014

Made a great gift for my Grandmother!


Rick Robbins

December 30-2014

It was a Christmas Gift and the feedback from the family was they loved it!


Mickey Hudnall

December 18-2014

great product very fast delivery


Felicia E.

December 17-2014

Bought this as a gift for my neighbors for Christmas. They said they loved it and thought it was a very nice gift.



December 17-2014

Beautiful item it was a great hit.


jerry mcclure

December 2-2014

Very pretty but smaller than expected. I haven't been able to eat any of the treats or even open the boxes as they are a gift for someone.



November 22-2014

A very nice gift for any occasion. Sent it to my friend and her family and they really enjoyed it and liked everything in the package!!


shabarora -BookBistroBlog

November 14-2014

They were a wonderful gift.very impressive , arrived very very promptly. A steal deal !


Arturo Hernandez

November 8-2014

I was hoping for bigger boxes but nonetheless they are pretty. It's a gift so I can't say if the snacks are good or not BUT the thing I do really dislike doesn't have to do with the gift itself, it has do to with packaging and delivery. 3 of the boxes were crushed before they were put in the bigger box for delivery. That's careless and irritating. This is a gift for a boss and now it's ruined. If the boxes had been intact it would have been perfect.



November 2-2014

Granted that in the end, you are not getting much of anything but I sent it as a get well gift and it was very well received. I would send one again.


barbara dougan

September 20-2014

this was a gift and they loved it would reorder it again when needed


Tracey Cresho

September 14-2014

The basket was a birthday present for my mother-in-law


Rhonda I.

September 13-2014

My recipient received it on time and liked it. I personally did not see the gift I sent.



September 6-2014

This was a birthday present for a family member. I was pleased with the variety offered as well as the recipient. She described the gift as shown and was quite satisfied.


mark icko

August 26-2014

Thank you It was our anniversary and my wife was out of town she called me very surprised with the gift candy box Thanks you saved the day Happy customer Ps bad reviews are usually written by competitors or sad people I wish I could post the picture my wife sent of the box she got and the email she sent me Thanks again


Joyce S

July 18-2014

These are very pretty. The boxes were well made and they were received with smiling faces and open arms. I will be getting more in the future.



June 3-2014

This was a gift for my mother in law and she loved it. It has a great variety and was delivered promptly which was important because it was a mothers day gift. Seemed to be a better value than many other gift packs too.


Robert S.

May 19-2014

I sent this to my mom for mothers day she got it in plenty of time and she just loved it!


Miriam D

May 5-2014

This has been my husband's daily delight for the last week. He truly loves and enjoys every bite of his Basketeers chocolate.


B. Lorraine Logan

May 2-2014

Gift. I did not see it. It looked good and I think that it probably was. I do not know.



April 10-2014

I sent the chocolate to my daughter and her family and they liked all of the chocolates a lot. I would send the chocolates to them again.


Barbara B.

March 10-2014

Just the right amount for my three grandsons to enjoy for Valentines day, and at a great price as well!! The tower didn't last long!!


Kindle Customer

March 1-2014

I sent this as a gift to a chocolate lover & it was a huge hit. There was a lot of selection in the types of goodies inside, it came in very attractive boxes & was delivered right on time. Will definitely be sending this type of product again.


vickie baumgardner

February 25-2014

Everyone enjoyed the chocolates and caramels. This was a big hit. My kids got one each for their stocking candy and they were thrilled. Needless to say nothing was left over.


shelien craft

February 4-2014

I was surprised after reading the other reviews. We got this as a gift at our office and everyone loved it. I thought everything tasted very good (above average for a gift basket assortment) and was surprised at how low the cost was when I looked it up on Broadway. Maybe we just got a rare good one but I would consider giving it as a gift!


Annette Wegesend

January 27-2014

This was so cool in presentation and uniqueness. It was a gift for my chocolate loving nephew who loved it! I would definitely order from here again.


Ana Paula

January 18-2014

High-end product. All chocolates are delicious and the boxes are beautiful, perfect to bought as a gift. Arrived on schedule, I'm happy with the product


Christopher Klein

January 2-2014

Gave this as a Christmas gift and Aunt and Uncle were very excited to get a giant tower of chocolate and sweets.



December 12-2013

Received this as a gift. We enjoyed it. Not a top of the line chocolate but it was good. For the price it was very good.


Underwater Attack Cat VINE VOICE

June 15-2013

Yummy chocolate tower of awesomeness. NAILED IT IN FIVE WORDS! Seriously, everything was a pleasure to eat. I still had the same gripe about not being able to repurpose the boxes because in constructing the tower they hot glued the boxes together....not cool.


Broadway Customer

May 20-2013

This was a Mothers' Day gift -- my mom said everything was delicious and didn't last long! Great for any chocolate lover.



March 10-2013

excellent, I had the gift and I did hit the target :) the chocolate was very good Antonello Deiana - Italia


Meghan C

February 25-2013

I got this for my husband, he is very picky but really enjoyed the selection and quality of the product. The only downside i saw was that is was smaller then i expected. But again wonderful quality!


Jacques gates

February 15-2013

when i got this product i expected it to be 3-4 feet tall it was about 2 but other than that the quality was good and my mother liked it



January 18-2013

Sent this to a family member who absolutely enjoyed it. The presentation said a lot about the contents, it was delish.



January 18-2013

For Christmas, I ordered this for my mother who lives several states away. It arrived quickly and safely. She raved over the variety and taste of the many different items.



December 26-2012

The product is smaller than I thought, but was packed with a decent amount of items. Nothing tasted stale and it all was pretty good. HOWEVER I got it for $15 just before the holidays as a lightning deal or daily deal or something. I would pay $15 again for this as a gift without thinking twice. I would think a little and still get it at $19.99 as an easy gift. BUT, as I write this it is $35, no way I would ever pay that for this. A little of reviews say there was little chocolate and a lot of paper filling, the makers responded saying for 2012 they changed that, I can confirm mine was all food itmes, no paper filling, and it is an acceptable amount for the $15-$20 range, and the boxes themselves are fairly nice the way it is packaged. So I am happy with my purchase at the price I paid and would give it 5 stars. Priced as is now though, not worth it. But it gets 5 because I am reviewing my experience.

This Product is heat sensitive and will have additional charges.