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Teens & Young Adults Gift Baskets

Looking for a gift for a teenager or young adult? Look no further than a delicious gift basket or tower – ideal for young people. With cookies, chocolates, snack boxes & candy trays we’ve got something for all tastes. Browse our gift baskets for teens & buy online today.

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Grand Gourmet Gift Basket
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Grand Gourmet Gift Basket
56 reviews
Gourmet Gift Tower of Sweets
Gourmet Gift Tower of Sweets
83 reviews
Gourmet Appreciation Gift Basket
Gourmet Appreciation Gift Basket
$44.95 ⁄ $39.95
Gourmet Jumbo Cookie Tray
Gourmet Jumbo Cookie Tray
$39.95 ⁄ $29.95

Gift Baskets for Teens & Young Adults

Think only adults and professionals love to receive gift baskets? Think again! Teens and young adults appreciate getting gift baskets just as much — they just won’t tell you! In today’s cyber world, many of them rarely receive mailed deliveries, so a surprise gift box, package, tower or gift basket can make a sensational impression.

At Broadway Basketeers, we have the right mix of stylish baskets filled with flavorful, tasty goodies that the teen or young adult in your life will adore. Find the basket that fits your budget and place your order today! It’s time to make a younger person smile with a little help from our team of noshing experts. With Easter approaching check out the best Easter gifts for teens and tweens

Tons of Ways to Celebrate With Teen and Young Adult Gift Baskets

Although you never need an excuse to send a teen or young adult a gift basket, the following are wonderful opportunities to send a special treat:

Grades -  Excellent grades on a particularly difficult exam can be tough to get. Congratulate the A student in your life by sending a gift basket that’s overflowing with yummy treats.

Graduation -  A graduation doesn’t have to be from high school or college to be special. Graduations happen throughout a child’s life, such as graduating from middle school to high school or graduating from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Whenever a teen or young adult graduates, it’s the perfect reason to send a basket of love.

Illness -  No one likes to be sick, including younger adults and teenagers. Help them get better faster with a yummy gift basket. Even if they can’t enjoy all the treats right away, the basket itself will brighten their day. Plus, when they do recover, they’ll have snacks waiting to revive their spirits.

New Sibling - Becoming an older brother or sister for the first, second or even fifth time involves change. When you send a basket to the new parents, send a gift basket to the older siblings, too. This helps the siblings understand their new roles in the family.

Sports Achievement - Send best wishes on sports achievements with a gift basket, tower or box. You know how much discipline it takes to do well on the gridiron, on the court, on the links or in the pool. Now you can show just how much pride you have in your favorite teen with a gift basket.

Religious Achievement - Many religious special celebrations center around teens or young adults. Whether you’re celebrating a Quinceañera or a Bar Mitzvah, a Broadway Basketeers gift basket is a great choice!

Birthdays and Holidays - Let’s not forget one of the most important days of the year: a teen’s birthday! Birthdays are so much better when you have lots of snacks to eat all by yourself or to share with friends and family members. Have the birthday gift basket delivered to their door. It’s a welcome surprise! If they have grown out of Easter eggs, then why not surprise them with an Easter basket delivery.

Gift Baskets Made With Healthier Ingredients

Are you looking for a teen present that’s the right size, every time? A gift basket fits the bill. Additionally, all of our gift basket foods are 100 percent certified kosher, meaning they can be eaten by anyone, including people who are lactose intolerant, need sugar-free items or have other dietary restrictions.

Send your favorite young adult something wonderful: a kosher gift basket just for them!