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Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

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Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

Is there someone in your life you appreciate deeply? A person who listens to you, mentors you or shows kindness to you when you’re down? You may have voiced your thanks to this wonderful soul before, but actions speak louder than words. To show how much a special person in your life means to you, consider sending them our 'Token of Appreciation Gift Tower' to acknowledge a recent gesture of goodwill or a lifetime of having your back.

This is a unique gift for that special someone. Five gift boxes open to reveal an assortment of gourmet goodies.

A Thoughtful Gift That Comes in Beautiful Packaging

Our Token of Appreciation Gift Tower snacks arrive in gorgeous reusable gift boxes. Your recipient may choose to display them around the house or reuse them as packaging for their own presents. When they see the boxes, they will think of you and your generosity. The boxes will function as a tangible reminder of your treasured relationship.

Honor your special person today by ordering a 'Token of Appreciation Gift Tower'.

Customer Reviews

I don't think there's a single thing in this tower they didn't like!

It's hard to find winter-themed stuff after the winter season is over, but it's my whole family's favorite season, so it's nice to have a pretty gift tower like this still

Didn't care for everything in the tower but it was still pretty good

bought them for wife for her birthday. All was enjoyed and thanked me more than once for the unique birthday gift.I will have to pick out something different from your company to surprise her again next year.Thanks for your great service. Tommy

My brother loved the basket I sent for his birthday. I also loved the great customer service that Broadway Basketeers gave me. I gave the wrong address for the gift to be delivered in Ohio. With just a few days til my brother's birthday I realized I gave the wrong address and it was after the cutoff date for delivery changes. After calling and explaining my dilemma, I'll just say that this wonderful company made sure my brother recieved his gift on time!!You can consider me a customer for life!!!

These snacks were well liked by my family during our time of loss.

It was easy to send and my friend loved it thanks for making sitting shiva easier.

My family appreciated this tower of snack gifts during a difficult time.

This was easy to send and helped comfort my family as they sat shiva for a relative. Thank you!

Great assortment of snacks and I can reuse the boxes! Perfect for sitting Shiva.

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