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Easter Gifts for Kids & Toddlers

Tired of store-bought Easter gifts for kids that all look the same? Broadway Basketeers is here to help! We specialize in delicious Easter goodies for kids so this special time of the year is exactly that - extra special! There’s a little something for everyone here, no matter your family’s dietary requirements or cultural beliefs. Ready to discover the best Easter gifts for kids? Take a look!
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Chocolate Springtime Easter Gift Tray
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Gourmet Chocolate Easter Treasures Tower
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Springtime Easter Gift Tower
Springtime Easter Gift Tower
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Easter Bunny Gift Basket
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Easter Bunny Basket
Easter Bunny Basket
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Easter Premium Chocolate Tray
Easter Premium Chocolate Tray
$34.95 ⁄ $32.95
Easter Candy Box
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Personalize Your Easter Gift for Kids

Broadway Basketeers offers the best Easter gifts for all types of kids!

Whether they’re a son or daughter, niece or nephew, or even your best friend’s children, we offer a wide selection of prefilled Easter gift baskets for kids to enjoy on Easter morning!

Is your recipient an organic vegan? Do they need to stick to sugar-free treats for any reason? Never fear - we have something for everyone! No kid deserves to feel left out this Easter.

If you or your recipient are from a Jewish family and observing the special occasion of Passover, you’ll be glad to know all of our yummy snack gifts - from dried fruits and nuts to decadent chocolates - are 100% Kosher certified.

Even if your cultural background doesn’t require it, we promise you’ll love it!

No matter the occasion you’re celebrating, our gourmet gift baskets for children are the perfect way to make it extra special for them.

What if your young recipient isn’t a fan of snacks - even healthy fruit baskets and dried fruits? Don’t worry, because we have a wide range of delicious cakes fresh from the bakery to share with the whole family!

Or maybe they’d prefer a beautiful Easter flower bouquet specially made by one of our experienced florists with the freshest, prettiest seasonal flowers? Some of them are still growing - perfect for budding little gardeners to enjoy!

Special Easter Gift Delivery Experience

Broadway Basketeers always aims for a 5-star delivery experience. In fact, we put the same amount of loving care into delivering our Easter gift baskets, trays, and towers as we put into making them.

This is why we also offer free Standard USA delivery for many of our gifts.

For those delicious cakes, we also provide special delivery packaging to keep them fresh and tasty, at no extra cost to you. And you’ll also find some of our Easter gifts for children come with free Premium USA delivery!

We aim to delight with every delivery, no exceptions. But if your Easter present for kids is delivered late, we’ll refund your shipping costs 100%.

Our Gift Boxes and Baskets are Great Easter Gift Ideas for Kids - Guaranteed

We can think of many reasons kids will absolutely love their Easter gift from Broadway Basketeers:

  1. Our packaging never goes out of style. Kids will love getting to use our designer gift boxes and wicker baskets for storage and in play!
  2. There isn’t a child alive whose eyes don’t grow wide with excitement when receiving a beautiful Broadway Basketeers gift. Whether it’s just a bouquet of gorgeous flowers, a delicious selection of tasty treats, or our special Easter goodies, their day will be filled with boundless joy the moment they unwrap their Easter gift baskets!
  3. Our 100% Kosher goodies are absolutely delicious. Even if your recipient’s cultural background doesn’t require a Kosher diet, we promise they’ll love our snacks!
  4. We’ve tasted every type of snack, baked goody, and fruit we sell. This is why we offer a yummy factor guarantee - if we don’t love it, we won’t sell it!
  5. There’s something extra special about receiving an Easter present from Broadway Basketeers. We aim to reflect your love for your recipient with the amount of care and devotion we put into creating our gifts. Every step, from order to delivery, is designed to make sure they know how much you care for them.

Not only have we tasted every type of goody we offer, we do so often! Any time we receive a new batch of fresh and dried fruits, we test them to make sure they offer only the very best taste experience.

We also never bake our fresh gourmet cookies and luxury layer cakes in advance, only to leave them on a shelf waiting to be purchased. Every single one is baked to order!

Broadway Basketeers partnered with gourmet suppliers so we have nothing but the best of everything. And we want to share it with you!

If for any reason you or your recipients aren’t happy with your Easter gift basket for kids, we’ll replace or refund your order! That’s how sure we are you’ll love them as much as we do.