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Holiday Dried Fruit and Nuts Gift Tray

Holiday Dried Fruit and Nuts Gift Tray

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We all have a health-conscious snack enthusiast in our lives. You know, the type of person who loves to nosh on treats between meals but only if they’re certain they are healthy. Well, whether it’s your significant other, close family member, friend, or just neighbor, this Christmas is a great opportunity to show them how much they mean to you.

And you can do it in style too, courtesy of this lovely Christmas gift tray that’s filled to the brim with healthy, appetizing snacks: Apricots, prunes, dried apple rings, roasted and salted pistachios, dried peaches, roasted and salted almonds, and many other goodies!

Plus, when all the fruits and snacks are gone, the beautifully-crafted holiday gift tray can be reused to store items.

A Simple Corporate Holiday Gift That Says a Lot

If you’re looking to wish your business associates, clients, and work colleagues goodwill and happy holidays in a more refined and intimate way, you can’t go wrong with this holiday gift tray. Attach a note to it, and the recipients will be much more impressed by your thoughtful gesture.

Best of all - you can order one tray for your office party (or more, depending on how many employees there are), and everyone will get to enjoy these delightful treats. And since all the goodies are 100% kosher, you don’t need to worry about dietary restrictions being an issue.

Customer Reviews

Not only beautifully arranged, but these dried fruits were more delicious than any I have ever tasted.

Not only beautifully arranged but these dried fruits were more delicious than any I have ever tasted.

The dried fruit were a grand parents day gift from me. Grandma said they were excellent.

This gift was purchased as a gift for my 89 year old grandma in Arizona who loves dried fruits. She was so thrilled when the tray was delivered that she immediately telephoned telling me that she had to show the wonderful arrangement as well as share the fruits with several friends. It was great to hear the excitement and joy in her voice.

These dried fruits were so big and juicy. I tried one....then another.......then my girlfriend strted yelling at me cuz I got them for her yet I was eating them all. I might have to get her another tray to make up for it!

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