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Fresh Fruits & Flowers Gift Basket

Fresh Fruits & Flowers Gift Basket

Item No: T107-3A

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Product detail

Gift Basket Includes:

  • Fresh Apples (2pc)
  • Fresh Pears (2pc)
  • Fresh Oranges (2pc)
  • Fresh Bananas (3pc)
  • One potted azalea plant


  • Kosher
  • Gift Basket Dimensions ~ 16" x 13.5" high



Give the Gift of Health With Our Azalea and Fruit Basket

Fruit is nature’s candy. The honeyed taste of a pear, the juicy goodness of an orange and the fragrant sweetness of an apple are some of the most distinctive flavors you’ll ever experience. Turn them into an expression of your love and appreciation for a friend or family member with our Fresh Fruit & Flowers Gift Basket. This special gift comes with treats they won’t feel guilty about eating. In fact, they’ll probably dig in the moment they receive our ripe, luscious fruit.

Filled with an assortment of delicious fresh fruits and a potted azalea plant this fruit basket is one of a kind and makes a great healthy gift. Send your well wishes and good cheer to one in need with this beautiful fruit & flowers gift basket. Filled with an assortment of apples, bananas, pears and oranges — as well as an azalea plant — these gourmet fruit gift baskets make a great gift for hospitals and nursing homes.

Get a Unique Present for a Special Person

Part of showing you care is taking into account your loved one’s current situation. These gourmet fruit gift baskets can be the ideal present for someone watching their weight or starting on a diabetic diet. It shows you care about their health and longevity. Plus, the fruit tastes scrumptious, so you’re not giving anything up by opting for this healthy basket. Plus, as their azalea plant grows, your friend or family member will remember your thoughtfulness. Contact us today to place an order.


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