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Cucumber Melon Spa Gift Basket

Cucumber Melon Spa Gift Basket

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Item No: PP-21YC6

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Product detail

  • Fine-Grain Bath Salts - Moisturize the skin all over without tediously relying on lotion with bath salts that will let you moisturize while you simply lay back and enjoy the bath.
  • Aromatherapy Candle - Light up the aromatherapy candle just before you relax into your bath so you can further unwind, refreshing your sense and stimulating the mind with scents that promote deeper relaxation.
  • Bath Caviar with Sea Butter - As aromatic as the candle is the caviar that adds an extra level of class to any bath.
  • Wooden Massage Stick - Durable and built to last, this massage stick will outlive the bath products that you'll eventually have to use up. Work on sore muscles and get into areas you couldn't reach before with a massage stick that does some of the work for you.
  • Luxury Spa Mitts - Apply lotion generously to your hands, apply the mitts, and feel as the lotion works twice as well thanks to the power of the mitts. Give your hands the special treatment so they can feel how they deserve to feel.
  • Pumice Stone & Nail Brush Scrubber - Allow for self-care on hands and feet with the pumice stone and nail brush scrubber combo. The tool works well both inside and outside the bath, exfoliating the skin and cleaning the nails quickly and easily.
  • Loofa - Exfoliate the entire body with a loofa you can hold much easier than the ordinary design. You'll be able to further relax your muscles and feel cleansed, refreshed, and moisturized with the power of the loofa on your side.
  • Refreshing Bath Bombs (3 per basket) - Dive into a bath with a bath bomb for a relaxing experience. Upgrade any ordinary bath into spa time with a refreshing bath bomb to pair with the other bath products you can treat yourself with.
  • This basket also includes the cucumber & melon bath product collection, a luxurious set that's meant to moisturize, exfoliate, and soften the skin to make it glow, appearing youthful and fresh. This set includes:
    • Cucumber & Melon Soap Bar
    • Cucumber & Melon Shampoo
    • Cucumber & Melon Body Wash
    • Cucumber & Melon Bubble Bath
    • Cucumber & Melon Hand Cream
    • Cucumber & Melon Body Butter
    • Cucumber & Melon Fragrance Mist


The basket is stacked to the brim with melon & cucumber scented products and evergreen items they'll be able to use even after the bath products have been used up. The loofa, luxury spa mitts, wooden massage stick, and other evergreen spa products make this a basket that they'll keep coming back to for months to come.

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