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What to Buy A Co-worker for a Secret Santa Gift


When you think about it, you spend as much time with your co-workers and colleagues as you do with your own families. They become a sort of family too, your 'work-family' as we like to call it. Throughout the years of working with the same team, you can form very strong bonds and very real friendships. The holiday season is a great time to show that you appreciate those you share the office with, buy getting the perfect Christmas gift for your co-worker. This year don't be predictable with the Secret Santa and get a corporate Christmas gift basket that will be the talk of the water cooler right into the New Year.

The Perfect Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa is a workplace institution. Every year, employees and employers in workplaces around the world pick a name out of a hat and spend weeks struggling for Christmas gift ideas for their co-worker. After putting it off for so long, they end up picking a gift within the budget at random and hope that the recipient will like it anyway. Whilst we are not saying that you should spend hours and hours searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your Secret Santa, in fact, we have put all the effort in for you.

We have picked a selection of fantastic Secret Santa gifts that are all available online with just a few clicks of the mouse button. You may have a long list of Christmas gifts to buy this year, so at least you can cross one off the list. So, take a look at our choices for the best Secret Santa gifts and surprise and delight your treasured co-worker this Christmas.


Christmas Thinking of You Gift Tower - $27.95

You may be thinking that gourmet Christmas gifts can never be within the price range for a Secret Santa, but that is not entirely true. Broadway Basketeers has a great selection of Christmas gift baskets that come in under $40, making them pretty affordable when it comes to finding a corporate Christmas gift for Secret Santa – they will certainly be better received than novelty socks, or a fancy fountain pen. The Christmas Thinking of You Gift Tower will make for a really original Secret Santa gift that makes a real visual statement, with four stacked towers of seasonally decorated gift boxes. Pop this stunning gift under the Christmas tree and everyone in the office will be hoping it is their name on the gift tag.

The gift tower is filled to the brim with flavorful sweet and savory snacks that your co-worker is sure to love. Their days at work will be so much better when during their breaks they can snack on sweet-filled puff pastries, chocolate chip cappuccino cookies, chocolate toffee pretzels, and our personal favorites, honey mustard, and onion pretzel cookies, plus much more. They could even take all their lovely snacks home and share them with their family, and isn't that a nice thought?

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Game of Phones with Expansion Pack 001 - $28.95

We have found the perfect Secret Santa for your co-worker that is always on their phone. Game of Phones is a super fun card game that is almost like a scavenger hunt using your phone. Perfect for large or small groups, players pick a card, which features a challenge that they must complete using their phone, such as 'Take a photo imitating and emoji' or 'Write a reply in a message thread that you would never send'. This simple card game provides hours of fun and being suitable for 13 years and up it is suitable for a family night in.

This Game of Phones comes with the 001 Expansion Pack, which is all about creativity – taking videos and photos, and even a little bit of drawing. This really is a great Secret Santa gift for the colleague that seems to be permanently attached to their smartphones.

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Rustic Retreat Gourmet Gift Basket - $49.95

If you are looking for a Secret Santa gift for a special co-worker or employee that will exceed all expectations, the Rustic Retreat Gourmet Gift Basket will be a great choice. The country-style gift basket is stuffed full with sweet and savory snacks that will tantalize any palette and make any mouth water. There is so much to enjoy in this gift basket, the recipient won't know which delectable treat to start with. Will they finish the melt in your mouth Asher's truffles in one go, or will they nibble of the heavenly triple play popcorn whilst they watch a Christmas movie, or will they choose one of the many other luxurious treats, such as dried fruit and nuts, brownie brittle, or blue cheese pretzel nuggets?

When you buy your Secret Santa gift with Broadway Basketeers, you are buying worry and hassle-free. Each item will arrive delivered right on time and beautifully presented. Plus, all items are certified kosher and organic treats are available, and they are happy to accommodate any further dietary requirement if they can.

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BESTKEE Lightsaber Umbrella - $23.99

No one really enjoys a rainy day, but the Lightsaber Umbrella from BESTKEE could make anyone hope for a downpour. The super cool and sleekly designed Star Wars umbrella features a shaft with color changing LED lights, moving through 7 different colors. On those especially dark raining winter days, there is a flashlight option that will increase visibility and wow any passer buy who will be turning completely green with envy. With this Star War umbrella, the recipient will feel like they are using the force to keep the rain at bay, in a galaxy far far away. It can be used as an ordinary black umbrella too, but when you have the option of turning your umbrella into a lightsaber, you are going to take it.

The umbrella takes 3 AAA batteries, which are not included, but you do get a 90-day worry free money back guarantee. If your office has a huge Star Wars fan, what could be a better Secret Santa gift that this? An umbrella that makes them feel like a Jedi every time it rains – that is definitely a great Christmas gift for a co-worker or anybody in fact.

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Mistletoe Memories Holiday Gift Tower - $38.95

The Mistletoe Memories Holiday Gift Tower is the perfect Secret Santa gift for the co-worker that can't stop snacking on chocolates and candies. The office sweet tooth will definitely be awe-struck by the beautifully presented five gift box tower, featuring festive decoration and tied together with a ribbon (no gift-wrapping needed). But, just wait until they open up the boxes and discover the scrumptious treats within – there are chocolate covered Oreos, caramel popcorn, assorted milk chocolates, caramel apple kisses, and assorted chocolate covered pretzel balls, amongst other sweet treats. This will keep them in snackers heaven right through January, and once all the yummy stuff has been devoured, they can use the durable gift boxes to keep their desk tidy, or even smart storage at home.

If you are looking for a corporate Christmas gift that will work for a valued client or could be shared amongst the whole office at the legendary office party, Broadway basketeers have a wide selection of larger gift baskets available. These larger gift baskets are absolutely bursting with gorgeous gourmet sweet and savory snack that will definitely make an impression on an important client, and go down a storm at the office party. 

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Tea Drops Instant Organic Pressed Teas - $34.99

We have found the perfect Secret Santa gift for a co-worker who always seems to have a cup of tea in hand. The Instant Organic Pressed Teas Assortment from Tea Drops features a selection of teas, which simply dissolve in a cup of hot water. It really takes the fuss out of loose leaf teas, and since each tea is lightly sweetened with raw sugar so no sweetener is needed. This sampler box features two each of the fantastic flavors Energising Matcha Green Tea, Refreshing Citrus Ginger, Cooling Sweet Peppermint, and Calming Rose Earl Grey. The display box is made from high-quality Paulownia wood, with a sliding top, which will make a great desk tidy when all of the teas have gone.

The organic herbal teas have been sourced from around the world form ethical and sustainable resources, and are blended in perfect harmony with aromatic spices and a touch of raw sugar, for a delicious hot drink that any tea aficionado will love. Furthermore, this great Christmas present is environmentally friendly, with all packaging being compostable and biodegradable.

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With any of these Secret Santa gifts, you will be the toast of the office his holiday season and you can be sure that everyone will be hoping you pull their name out of the hat next year. You never know, you may just inspire your co-workers to put more effort into their corporate gift buying in the future.

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