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What Christmas Gifts Are Best For Teens This Year?


Have you ever tried Christmas shopping for a teenager? Not the easiest task. Actually, ok, not easy at all! They are into this, so it’s cool today, then not into that tomorrow, because it won’t be cool anymore, but it may be cool again next week, maybe? What exactly is this, and that? Who knows, teenagers change their minds like the wind! From video games, to head phones, clothes, and jewelry, what is considered “cool” to a teenager these days anyway?

So, what do you get for the teenagers on your list this Christmas?  Well of course we would recommend one of our delicious gourment Christmas food gift baskets, but to help solve this annual holiday dilemma, we have compiled a list of 12 Christmas gift ideas perfect for even the most particular, hard to please teenager. 

Christmas Gifts for Teens

When you ask a teenager what they want for Christmas, their response is bound to be a grunt, an “I dunno” or “meh” with a hearty shrug. However, if you are looking for a more tangible Christmas present to give, from teen boys to teen girls, these gifts will have you covered! That teenager just may look up, smile, and give a cheerful “thank you, this is actually kinda cool!”

  1. Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Headphones

Teens are notoriously cold, especially in the winter. But they always refuse to part with their devices, especially ones that play their style music, and keep them connected to their friends. However, they also want to be able to stay warm. This hands -free blue tooth device is ideal for a teen to brave the cold without having to miss a call or message, or sacrifice their tunes on the go.

  1. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

A night light, speaker, and table lamp in one makes the perfect gift for any teen. This device is ideal for down time or bed time with a relaxing light, changing colors and Bluetooth capabilities. It is also ideal for outdoors and decoration.

  1. Funny Gaming Socks

With so many game systems available, it’s likely the teenager on your list is a gamer in their free time. These gaming socks are entertaining, funny, and sure to keep any teenager’s feet warm and cozy, while making a statement and gaming with their friends.

  1. Uno Dare Card Game

A classic game with a new twist makes this card game twice as interesting and fun! A break from their electronic device’s teens will actually welcome and enjoy, and they may learn a thing or two about themselves and their opponents.

  1. Bath Bombs Gift Set

School, socializing, and adjusting to independence in life can be exhausting for any teen. Give the gift of peace, joy, and relaxation with this set of bath bombs in a variety of scents and colors. It is the perfect gift for a teenager to be able to indulge and refocus in some personal time.

  1. Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs come in a variety of styles and colors, with built in speakers and Bluetooth capability. Some even have a back- massager component. Gaming chairs are compatible with most gaming systems, Ipads, tablets and other electronic devices. Teens can sit, chat online with their friends, and enjoy their favorite video games in total comfort high quality surround sound!

  1. Echo Dot

Most teenagers are familiar with “Alexa” and the Echo Dot. Teens can connect their cell phone to this smart device and ask Alexa to play their favorite music, check their messages, set an alarm, and many other tasks.

  1. Journal

For the artistic and intellectual teen, or for anyone navigating their journey through the teen years, a journal is the perfect gift! Drawing, writing, or just doodling can be calming, encouraging and a positive outlet for a teen. It’s a gift enabling self- expression and a place where a teen can be creative, share only what they choose, or keep it privately to themselves without judgement.

  1. Karaoke Microphone

The teenager on your list will love a karaoke microphone. Spice up their party, or holiday celebration, and they will have a blast belting out their favorite tunes, singing and dancing with their friends! This karaoke microphone is both hard wired and Bluetooth compatible to connect to their cell phone. It also has volume control, fits comfortably in hand, and is compatible with many music apps.

  1. Personal Grooming Kit

Teens are meticulous about their appearance. From head to toe, everything has to meet their personal critique. Your teen will appreciate their own personal grooming kit, which can include anything from hair to nails, to personal hygiene items, leaving them feeling in control and absolutely fabulous!

  1. Funco Pops

Commemorate a teen’s favorite celebrity, movie character, band member, video game character, the list goes on of available Funco Pops! These vinyl figures fit perfectly on shelves, in display cabinets, or wherever they may be displayed.

  1. Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods wireless earbuds provide supreme sound without cords restricting your movement. Complete with a wireless charging station, teens can just charge and go. These earbuds have a universal fit, and easily connect to and switch between devices.

There is another kind of gift all teens will enjoy, without a doubt! Teens are always hungry and looking for something to eat, all day, every day! At Broadway Basketeers, we have a gift basket for every teen’s individual appetite! Filled with delicious baked gourmet treats, our Christmas Gift Baskets are sure to please! Our Bakery Gifts are also certain to satisfy the insatiable teenage appetite! In need of a kosher gift? We have Kosher Gift Baskets, certified Kosher too! From baked gourmet cookies to brownies, to gourmet popcorn and candies, and a variety of other goodies to choose from, you can count on Broadway Basketeers to deliver a very Merry Christmas!

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