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Mar 04, 2020

The 10 Best Gifts for Tweens & Teens for Easter

Mandee Rose

Generally considered the preadolescent stage of ages 10 to 13, finding the perfect Easter gifts for tweens can be tricky. The simple Easter gifts of childhood no longer interest them and more deluxe options - like spa gifts - aren’t quite appropriate yet either.

Don’t worry, though, because Broadway Basketeers offers the perfect solution for you! We put together a list of the 10 best Easter gifts for tweens so you can make it a special occasion regardless of age!

1. Chocolate Covered Oreos for Easter

Sometimes, simple but unique is the best option. Our Chocolate Covered Oreos for Easter are exactly that! A selection of 12 Oreo cookies dipped in a creamy Belgian chocolate of your choice (white, milk, or dark) and covered with handcrafted Easter decor icing, these are sure to delight the tween in your life.

Price: $26.95

2. Easter Egg Brownie Gift Set of 6

The Easter Egg Brownie Gift Set of 6 makes for the perfect compromise. Your tween can still enjoy an Easter classic without it feeling too childish. We shape our gourmet brownies into fun Easter eggs with a Belgian chocolate icing and festive colors to delight.

Price: $26.95

3. Easter Truffle Cake Pops

For younger tweens especially, the Easter Truffle Cake Pops make a great gourmet gift.

We make them from a selection of freshly baked chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla cakes. They’re then covered in a cream cheese and buttercream icing and dipped in Belgian chocolate for the perfect yummy Easter gift.

Price: $29.95

4. Chocolate Springtime Easter Gift Tray

The hand-woven wicker basket of the Chocolate Springtime Easter Gift Tray is packed to the brim and overflowing with delicious treats. A reusable plastic organizer keeps everything together in a beautiful array of Reese’s peanut butter eggs, Hershey’s chocolate mix, Lindt truffles, and more!

Price: $32.95

5. Easter Premium Chocolate Tray

We all love getting loads of chocolaty goodness for Easter, and our Easter Premium Chocolate Tray promises to deliver! Your tween will love reusing the 4-section natural wood tray once they’ve devoured the yummy assorted snacks it holds. These include butter toffee mixed nuts, chocolate-covered cherries, Dilettante chocolate truffles, and a berry cherry nut mix.

Price: $34.95 $32.95

6. Gourmet Chocolate Easter Treasures Tower

Recapture the wide-eyed wonderment of childhood Easter mornings when you gift your tween with the Gourmet Chocolate Easter Treasures Tower.

The 6 keepsake designer boxes are perfect for such an occasion and you can even separate them to set up an exciting, age-appropriate Easter hunt! Inside, your tween will discover a treasure of assorted chocolates, candy, and snacks. Get it now and enjoy FREE Standard USA delivery!

Price: $39.95

7. Deluxe Easter Chocolate Gift Tray

Enticed by the Easter Premium Chocolate Tray, but want to go bigger and more decadent?

Look no further than the Deluxe Easter Chocolate Gift Tray! This 6-section natural wood tray has a delicious assortment of chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate-covered cherries and blueberries, Dilettante chocolate truffles, butter toffee mixed nuts, and our favorite berry cherry trail mix.

Price: $44.95

8. Springtime Easter Gift Tower

Combine the delightful goodies and presentation of the Chocolate Springtime Easter Gift Tray with the Gourmet Chocolate Easter Treasure Tower via this delicious Springtime Easter Gift Tower.

The 4 keepsake designer boxes are chock-full with yummy treats such as the Dilettante Premium chocolate truffles, Lindt truffles, chocolate chip cappuccino cookies, and more. We even added a cute stuffed Easter bear in the bottom box!

Price: $44.95 with FREE Standard USA delivery

9. Easter Bunny Gift Basket

The Easter Bunny Gift Basket takes everything to the next level of deliciousness. Our beautiful hand-woven wicker basket is full of artisan chocolate truffles, Ghirardelli chocolate bunnies, Pirouline wafer rolls, and more. Plus, there’s a super-cute stuffed Easter bunny nestling comfortably between the goodies!

Price: $49.95 with FREE Standard USA delivery

10. Easter Bunny Basket

Despite the nondescript name, our Easter Bunny Basket is the ultimate gourmet Easter gift for tweens. A fluffy stuffed Easter bunny peeks out from behind the huge assortment of delicious treats, including Snappers chocolate-covered fruit, Hammond’s peanut crunch, and our famous chocolate chip cappuccino cookies.

Price: $69.95 $64.95 with FREE Standard USA delivery

Bonus: Fresh Fruits & Flowers Gift Basket

Is your tween looking for a healthier option this Easter? Spoil them with our Fresh Fruits & Flowers Gift Basket, expertly put together by our experienced florists and using only the freshest fruits from the California valley!

Price: $69.95 with FREE Premium USA delivery


Don’t get stumped this Easter. Broadway Basketeers’ representatives are waiting to help you put together the ultimate in gourmet gift baskets this Easter! Give us a call at 888-599-GIFT (4438) or contact us online today.