Apr 17, 2015

Send Condolences with Sympathy Gifts

Jessica Gold

In times of sorrow or loss, a thoughtful gesture of your sympathy and condolence is a meaningful gesture to family and friend. Coping with a new loss makes every tragedy a raw and painful experience, and oftentimes distance makes sharing in the loss difficult. Sending your condolence wishes with a gift basket is often the most appropriate gesture of sympathy. Whether your relationship is of a personal or business nature, your recipient will be touched at your heartfelt wishes. A gift basket of gourmet food can go a long way in the healing process.

Moreover, if the family is sitting Shiva (a Jewish custom following the death of an immediate relative), or your recipient’s dietary needs require a kosher gift basket, sending a Kosher sympathy gift basket indicates your thoughtfulness once again.  Considering their needs during a most difficult and stressful time highlights your sensitivity as they begin the healing process.

Want to convey a sympathy wish, but not sure exactly what to say in a phone conversation? Hate being put on the spot while trying to compose a meaningful message? Take a few moments and draft your sympathy wishes for your loved one. You may want to start with a more standardized message, such as ‘You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time’; or ‘Our deepest condolences on the loss of your loved one’. Tailor these messages to your unique relationship with your family and friends. Then, enclose these meaningful thoughts on a gift card which ships along with your gift basket, and your sympathy gift has now taken on new meaning.