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Awesome Summer Gifts to Consider This Year


Summer isn’t a time when people generally think about giving gifts. That’s what makes it the perfect time to surprise your friends or family with a great present! You may be looking for a gift for a summer birthday, or a small present to thank the host of a summer party. No matter the reason, there are a few summer gifts to consider this year:

1. Golf Gifts

If your friend, family member or colleague loves golf, the summer is the perfect time to get them a gift for their hobby! Of course, buying a set of clubs is probably way out of your budget. But there are many other options. Depending on how much you want to spend, a single club or other equipment like new gloves or top-of-the-line balls can be a great gift.

Even better, you can visit your local golf course and buy a few passes for a day of golf, or at least a few passes to the driving range. That way, the recipient can take to the links whenever they feel like it. Even better, you can join them at the course and shoot 18 holes together!

2. Gardening Gifts

If you know someone who gardens, you probably know that they LOVE their garden. They are probably always looking for new tools and techniques to help their garden patch thrive. You may think they have everything, but there are some great gardening gifts to consider! For example, they can always use a new pair of high-quality gloves and new digging tools.

If you are familiar with their garden, you could also buy new or rare plants that will do well in their soil. You may also consider trellises ladders so their climbing plants can flourish. Of course, one of the best gifts you can give isn’t one you can buy. Volunteer to weed and water their garden for them on a hot summer afternoon!

3. Summer Gift Baskets

No matter the occasion, summer gift baskets are always welcome. They tell a party host you appreciate their efforts, they remind the friend who’s stuck in an office cubicle that you’re thinking about them, and they show your family that your miss them. What’s even better, you can find a summer gift basket to match anyone’s taste and appetite.

At Broadway Basketeers, our gourmet gift baskets, towers and other options are filled with all sorts of goodies. Our basket options include fresh and dried fruits, nuts and other salty snacks, baked goods, candies, and even wine. We can send the summer gift basket to your recipient, or we can send it directly to you so you can hand-deliver it yourself. Even better, many of our baskets are delivered for free or at a discounted price.

The summer really is the best time to give a gift to those you care about, if only because they won’t be expecting it at all. Contact our experts today to find the perfect summer gift basket for your occasion!

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