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Are you putting Popcorn on the Christmas Tree?


Have you ever wondered how popcorn ended up on Christmas trees? Although the exact origins of this tradition are unknown, it is assumed that the art of stringing popcorn on a Christmas tree likely came from a time when many people did not have much to decorate their Christmas trees with. As a result, they may have borrowed from the German tradition of putting fruit, such as cranberries, on the Christmas tree because cranberries are harvested through November. The cranberries, still being in season, may have been strung with popcorn.

Another common tradition is to make garlands with real cranberries and popcorn, and then hang the garland outside on evergreens to give wildlife, like birds and squirrels, a holiday treat!

Classic Christmas Past

Nowadays, with all of the modern conveniences available, everything can seamlessly be bought in stores or online. Many people purchase artificial popcorn wreaths, spools of electric Christmas lights, ornaments, tinsel garland, and an angel or star for the tree topper.  However, there are some families that still keep to old fashioned tradition, and thread twine through cranberries and popcorn to make the classic holiday garland.

There are many other classic Christmas traditions, along with stringing cranberry and popcorn garland, that have unfortunately become beloved traditions of the past.  Here are a few below, that just may be worth reviving from Christmas past, and deriving classic, yet modern traditions of Christmas present.

Singing Christmas Carols around the Neighborhood

Nothing quite sets the mood for the holidays like hearing Christmas carols on the radio, or streaming them online as we presently do. But in the past, families and friends would join together, and walk around to their neighbor’s homes singing festive Christmas tunes. What a most fabulous way to spread holiday cheer!


Getting Dressed in your Christmas Best

Dressing for the occasion will certainly set the joyful mood, especially during the holiday season! Whether it’s that gorgeous dress, or spiffy pair of pants you picked out just for the occasion, you’ll be looking magnificent and feeling marvelous on Christmas!


Christmas Eve Story Time around the Tree

Long ago, families would gather around their Christmas tree, and share a Christmas Eve story. Whether it was listening to a story about how the Grinch tried to stop Christmas from arriving in Whoville, or a tale of children sneaking down to spy a quick glance of Santa Clause bringing them presents, or even stories from the Bible, this was a tradition that families held dear.


Fruit in the Christmas Stocking

The tradition of putting fruit, or more specifically an orange, in the Christmas stocking, comes from a classic tale of St. Nicholas. According to the story, St. Nicholas came from a wealthy family, and felt inclined to help the poor. He did so, and became a Bishop. As the story went on, he would travel from home to home and put bags of gold down the chimney, or in the stockings of less fortunate families. The orange represents the bag of gold. 

Mistletoe in the Doorway

Hanging this eye- catching plant over the doorway, and snatching a Christmas kiss under its berries, has all but completely faded away. It’s one of those more memorable Christmas traditions that are just a memory nowadays. Should it be revived, always keep to Christmas etiquette, as all kisses should be consensual.


Sleeping Under the Christmas Tree

A classic, and charming tradition of Christmas past, was sleeping under the Christmas tree. Not on Christmas Eve night, of course, but any night during the season after the tree is decorated. It’s a festive, and fun tradition that should become a tradition of Christmas present! Grab a cozy blanket and pillow, and curl up under the Christmas tree!

There are many past Christmas traditions that would be a wonderful addition to the holiday season. Along with popcorn and cranberries on the tree, and an orange in the Christmas stocking, Christmas treats are a delightful tradition of present holiday celebrations, as well as the past! At Broadway Basketeers, baked chocolate chip cookies, and candies are just a few traditional treats you’ll find in our charming   Christmas Gift Baskets!

Our gift baskets include a variety of delectable gourmet goodies, including gourmet cookies, brownies, and candies. We also have a variety of gourmet snacks including gourmet popcorn, pretzels, dried fruits and nuts to choose from. There’s a gift basket combination to suit anyone’s taste! For those who favor a glass of wine alone or with a treat, we have a selection of Wine Gifts to pair perfectly with their individual preference of gourmet indulgence!

All of our gift baskets are crafted exquisitely for the holidays, and assured to be delivered on time! Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Start a new holiday tradition this Christmas that everyone will look forward to in years to come, and send delicious merry wishes and holiday cheer with a gourmet gift basket from Broadway Basketeers!

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