Nov 25, 2016

9 Reasons Gift Baskets Are the Perfect Holiday Gift

Broadway Basketeers

Everyone is looking for perfection when it comes to holiday gifts. In fact, the word “perfect” is bandied about a lot during discussions of presents.

If you’re in search of a perfect holiday gift for the people in your life, whether they are family members, friends or co-workers, why not consider a gift basket or box? Gift baskets make ideal presents, and here are nine reasons why:

1.    One size fits all. You don’t have to know someone’s size to order a gift basket. You don’t even have to know if they like a certain type of food. Today, gift baskets come in every type of certified kosher assortment, so choose the one you think best suits your recipient.

2.    Budget-friendly. Why break the bank during the holidays? Gift baskets are definitely easy on your finances, because they are available in different sizes. This means you can get a $20-30 gift basket that will look like you spent much more.

3.    Everyone enjoys them. It’s doubtful that anyone in the world ever said “no” to a gift basket. Everyone enjoys getting professionally-curated gift baskets, boxes and trays. There’s just something exciting about having a special delivery sent right to your door!

4.    Kosher options. Have someone on your gift list who practices kosher eating? You can absolutely get a kosher gift basket from companies that can certify all their items have been prepared, handled and created fully kosher.

5.    Tons of variety. You’ll never be limited to a couple of choices when you pick a gift basket as a holiday gift. This means you can give 10 gift baskets to 10 different people, and none of the gift baskets need to be exactly the same.

6.    No wrapping. Are you someone who hates to wrap gifts, or finds it difficult to wrap presents for physical reasons? Gift baskets and boxes are presentation-ready, so there’s no wrapping needed.

7.    Quick ordering. Have only 15 minutes to find a gift for someone? Avoid going out and do all your shopping online for gift baskets, right from your laptop or hand-held device.

8.    Order anytime. Did you realize at 2 a.m. that you need to get a last-minute gift for someone? No problem! Hop onto a gift basket website, place your order, and then go to sleep knowing your holiday shopping is finally done.

9.    Avoid crowds. Some people don’t like shopping crowds, and others literally cannot handle being in crowded places like malls and shopping centers during the holidays. Be good to yourself and lower your stress level by buying gift baskets over the Internet. Bonus: You’ll never have to find a parking spot!


Forget about trying to find perfection, and seek it out right away in the form of a gift basket, tray, tower or box that can be delivered pronto to your favorite person.