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6 Unique Christmas Tree Themes


When you think about how you are going to decorate your Christmas tree, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The traditional strands of lights, decorations, garland or tinsel? You may have some new ornaments. You may have purchased a new tree skirt to go with your traditional tree topper. But all of this still doesn’t feel quite right, just not quite enough to make that picture-perfect tree you’ve envisioned.

Seems it’s time to break from tradition, and change things up this season. Create a new, festive holiday tradition in your living room, by beginning with a themed Christmas tree! A themed Christmas tree is a great way to trigger your creativity. Take a look at these 6 Unique Christmas Tree Themes and make the Christmas theme you envisioned a reality!

Blue Christmas Tree Theme

You won’t be having a Blue Christmas (although it is a great song), with this blue theme for your Christmas tree. Blue has been a Christmas color alternative for decades. There are many varieties of the color blue, from pastel, to bright, to dark blue. Create your theme with one, or multiple shades of blue decorations, lights, garland, and perhaps a festive tree skirt. With so many gorgeous blue decorations to choose form, you’ll be sure to have a Merry Blue Christmas.

Disco Christmas Tree Theme

Make room on the floor for this brightly colored, Disco Themed Christmas tree. Choose ornaments that sparkle and shine. Add some dazzling lights, and don’t forget the bright colored garland. Select more than one bright color, and don’t forget the disco ball tree topper. Your Christmas tree will be a truly festive show-stopper!

Patriotic Christmas Tree Theme

You’ll give three cheers for this red, white, and blue themed Christmas tree. Create this theme with glistening red, white and blue ornaments. Add red, white or blue lights, and ribbon or garland around your tree. For the final touch, place a shining star tree topper, and give a hearty salute!

Horror Fan Christmas Tree Theme

Horror fans can’t help but go decoration crazy for Halloween, but what about Christmas? A Horror Themed Christmas Tree may be just what the horror fan ordered. Bring on the skeletons, black cats, and horror movie themed décor. You may even choose a black artificial Christmas tree with red or purple lights. Creepy, yet still festive, for the ideal horror themed Christmas!

Rainbow Christmas Tree Theme

Rainbows are beautiful to see on their own. So a Rainbow Themed Christmas tree will be beautiful, even more so, among your Christmas decor. Choose rainbow colored ornaments, lights and garland. Group the colors together to make a rainbow from top to bottom on your tree. Or spread the colors around your tree to give an all- around festive rainbow appearance! Or choose a tree that is rainbow colored in itself!

Rustic Country Christmas Tree Theme

Give your Christmas that good ol’ rustic country feeling. To create this Rustic Country theme, start by decorating your tree with ornaments crafted from natural items, such as twigs, burlap, and wood. Add string lights, frosted pinecones, and small woodland creatures, including feathered birds, bears and squirrels. Berries, and seasonal fruits also give a rustic country touch!

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