Feb 23, 2017

4 Foods That Taste Better Dipped in Chocolate

Broadway Basketeers

Someone once said everything is better with chocolate. That’s definitely true, and it can be modified to “Everything tastes better dipped in chocolate.”

Chocolate-covered everything is all the rage, but you might be hesitant to jump on board this sweet ship. To help you dive right into a chocolate-coated world, try dipping these four foods in your favorite melted dark, white or milk chocolate.


Ripe bananas are a great starting point for your chocolate-covered adventure. To enjoy them with chocolate, slice the bananas and then carefully dip the slices into your chocolate of choice. You’ll notice the texture of the chocolate perfectly pairs with the softness of the banana. Aim for very dark chocolate, and you’ll get a special kick of slight bitterness tempered by creamy sweetness. For some extra fun – add sprinkles!


You’ve probably already heard of chocolate-dipped strawberries, but did you ever wonder why they are so popular?

Strawberries are slightly acidic and contain a high water content. Plus, they are filled with seeds. This makes a nice textured complement to the smoothness and evenness of chocolate. You’ll get a bit of strawberry flavor, which is enough to counteract the more intense chocolatey taste.


Pretzels are salty and crunchy. Melted chocolate is creamy and warm. What could be a more delectable partnership?

There’s something particularly satisfying about biting into a crisp, chocolate-coated pretzel. Not only do you get the benefit of a sprinkling of salt, which only heightens the chocolate experience, but you also have competing textures. It’s a match made in cocoa heaven!


On its own, pineapple can be too biting for some people’s palates. If you enjoy the taste of pineapple but not the acidic sting of it by itself, try covering it in a chocolate coating. Your pineapple will take on a new flavor, bursting with sweetness.

Of course, these four foods are just the tip of the chocolate iceberg. Feel free to experiment in your own kitchen, and discover how much better a chocolate-wrapped dessert can be.